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The Edison: It's Where Vampires Would Live, If They Do Live

by Reza B (writer), West Hollywood, June 19, 2007


About two weeks ago I went to The Edison, a lounge/Vampire den, in newly remodeled/under construction Downtown Los Angeles. No longer a Mecca for pimps, hos, and pushers, Downtown has been upgraded and transformed into a Mecca for young professionals, pimps, hos, and pushers. I, for one, applaud the changes, and wish to God I could kick myself in the nuts for not investing in this still unrealized jewel in LA… that being said, we return to the wonderful paradise that is The Edison.

First and foremost you have to completely discard any expectations you may have as The Edison will, most likely, be different from anything that you’ve ever experienced in LA before. The place is built in the shell of an old powerhouse—they had the foresight and, dare I say, brilliance to keep some of the old machines and equipment as part of the décor.

When I first turned into the alleyway entrance off Second Street, I was immediately intrigued. The façade of the entrance is made of ornate wrought iron bars complete with a red velvet rope to hold back the crowds (there were none on the night I was there and that makes me love the place even more) and pretty big doormen, which, I assume the Vampire owners of The Edison use during the day to keep slayers out.

When you enter you’re welcomed by a relatively large reception room with a cigar/cigarette lounge on the side. Then you are taken down into the belly of the beast… As you descend the staircase, you’re offered an opportunity to take in a 360 degree view of the lounge, the stage, and the bar. For me the feeling was like I was moving back in time to the turn of the 20th century—I regret not wearing leather, velour, and sunglasses (not sure why).

When you step onto the ground floor, you realize that this place is not set up to reveal all its’ secrets immediately. Like a seductive temptress, each twist and turn entices you further. Walk around a corner and it’s never what you expect, duck into a room and you feel like you’re in someone’s dream; mirrors, bricks, lights, leather, metal, and dark corners, this place is set up to hit every sense.

The menu is packed with unique drinks worthy of such a unique establishment—I had Alain’s Nod (my homage to the man) and my mistress had… the Mistress. The food menu is basically food you would want to share. The burger, while some represented it to me as being the “best burger ever,” was good, but definitely not “the best.” Everything I ate there was delicious though, and I can’t say there’s anything on the menu that you should be afraid of trying.

I would definitely recommend that you try the dessert sampler platter. It’s a combination of all their desserts, and while you may go blind from the inevitable onset of diabetes after you stuff yourself full of Splenda and NutraSweet free sweets, I for one believe that sight is overrated and worth sacrificing for the transcendent sweetness of the items in the dessert platter. Some say after eating it you see Gandhi break-dancing. Is it true? Who knows? Just think how fun it will be fun finding out…

Go to this place with friends, or with a friend, or a friend you want to turn into a lover, or a lover, or a lover you want to turn into a friend, or people you’re planning an orgy with, you really can’t go wrong with any combination. (Caveat: do not go alone, they will harvest you for the Vampire overlord… consider yourself warned).

The Edison
108 W. 2nd Street #101
Los Angeles, CA 90012
213-613-0000 (Come on, who but Vampires can get such a number? Also, don’t bother calling you will probably have to email to get a reservation.)

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By Miss Sam on June 19, 2007 at 08:36 pm
You know Reza B, I must say you have great taste!!! I have been there myself and you truly described the ambiance perfectly. I think you forgot to mention two more highlights: 1. They have live jazz music on certain nights 2. They have a room that is kind of 'out doors' -- it's kind of like a cigar/ smoking lounge This is your second restaurant article... are you trying to be a food critic of some sort?
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