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It’s Not Rocket Science

by DKIdea (writer), Boston, MA, December 23, 2013

Politics: It’s stupid, underhanded and disingenuous, but it certainly isn’t rocket science.

Politics. It’s very simple. It’s a bunch of people seeking to manipulate another bunch of people, by attacking, yet, another bunch of people. Sound confusing? It’s not really. It’s stupid, underhanded, and disingenuous, but it certainly isn’t rocket science.

I was reading the July 5th edition of the Boston Herald when I came across an article about Secretary of State, John Kerry. Now let me caveat this entire post by saying that I’m neither a Republican or Democrat. Instead I’m an independent thinker that refuses to be manipulated by the snakes on either side. Anyway, the article was about the Republicans calling for Kerry to be put on a plane bound for Washington, instead of having a vacation while unrest and turmoil plague Egypt I’m no expert on foreign affairs or world events, but I’ve lived long enough to know that there is always some sort of unrest and turmoil somewhere in the world, particularly the Middle East. I’ve also lived long enough to know that everyone needs a vacation every now and then. Dare I say that in the position and capacity of the job of Secretary of State, there really is no ideal time to take time for yourself and your family.

Now as I read all this, I thought to myself that perhaps they (Republican critics) expect me to be stupid. Perhaps they expect me to be unfamiliar with the technology of today and think that Kerry is truly out of contact with anyone in the administration regarding current events. Heck, I’m a low level city official and can’t escape the problems of work when I’m not on the I’m reasonably sure the scenario is a bit worse on such a higher level.

Sadly, this garbage passes for news, and some actually consider it a talking point. I’d like to offer everyone agreeing with the attack on Kerry to bypass taking a vacation...forever. I mean, if it’s the work that stops him from taking a vacation, kindly explain how you deserve one when your job continues to produce work, even when you’re not around. No...we all take vacations fromwork because the work never stops...and somehow I don’t think Kerry or any high level politician or diplomat really has that option, despite being out of the office.

Fast forward to the July 10th edition of the Boston Herald, and I’m reading an article about Kerry again. This time he is returning to Washington to talk to the Chinese, while his wife is laid up in the hospital after having a seizure. Umm...where are those Republican critics that balked about the man having time to himself? They were very quiet as I suspect they approve of the idea of work coming before family. I don’t subscribe to that philosophy. Family is all we have, and they always come first.

I’m not easily manipulated. I’d like to think that I’m not manipulated at all, but that would be foolhardy of me to believe my own hype. I don’t think less of the man for taking time for himself and his family...nor do I think more of him for making the job a priority over family. I just think it’s all silly and the time invested in trying to paint a picture of Kerry, other than the one everyone paints for themselves, is absolutely wasted.

This is not a Republican slamming post, although the story centered on their idiocy, let me be clear that the Democrats do the same thing. Shame on politicians for their simple-mindedness and insulting opinion of our intelligence...and shame on the media for transporting their garbage from their lips to our eyes and ears.

One day, we the people, will decide that we have had enough...and perhaps on that day will emerge true statesmen, and journalists with integrity...after all, none of this is rocket science.

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