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Harry Potter Chapter Three - J. K. Rowling And 'Life Cycles'

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This is a unique 'Life Cycles' analysis of the recent news of a deal signed between famous author J. K. Rowling and Warner's Entertainment for a new Harry Potter spin-off movie franchise.

I know I'm a poor reader, but did I only get to Chapter Three of Harry Potter? No, it's worse than that, I didn't even start, but of course millions of Potterphiles did. They followed every one of the books and saw all the movies. J.K's life did, however, leave a lasting impression on me and she became the main teaching model that I used in The Life Cycles Revolution. I showed the exact way to compile a 'Life Chart' with her life. I only use available bio-data, as you know, and I correlate it with a range of 'Life Cycles' 'significant years'.. Did momentous events, milestones or breakthroughs to new directions, happen then?

Well, of course, I have comprehensive material, sometimes on a year by year basis for her, but in simple terms, at her age of 24 (ie. her first adult 'Year of Revolution' (July, 1989 to July, 1990) the whole notion of Harry Potter simply fell into her head one day. It was to be a simple burst of inspiration, that can happen to many an author, but it happened to her then. The beginning of Chapter One. Then much followed, which I cover in full in the book, but the next question is:- what events happened in her age 36 'Year of Revolution', and was it in any way related to what happened at 24? It's a simple and yet a remarkably complex question, all at once. Anyway, the answer is yes; it marked the release of the first Harry Potter movie, which began Chapter 2, with Potter coming to life in the form of Daniel Radcliffe.

OK, this sets up an exact hypothesis for testing in Rowling's life right now. You see she just turned 48 in July, 2013. To use my terminology she is in 'real time' as we speak. What is going on that could be called the beginning of Chapter Three and was it related to Chapters 1 and 2? I didn't have to wait long. A recent news report talked of a brand new Harry Potter spin-off franchise deal, being signed with Warner Bros. Why is this a new direction? Well, J.K. will become a screenwriter for the first time. Also there will be no Harry Potter and no Daniel Radcliffe. It is going to centre around a character called Newt Scamander, who comes from a Potter textbook by the name of Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them.

This book is only 41 pages long and when do you think it was first published? That would be November, 2001, when Rowling was 36. The exact same shape of her career, from inspiration to movie (24 to 36), as from booklet (you could say) to screenplay (36 to 48). Am I always just lucky? Think about it. OK, this can also be a time of upheaval and sometimes controversy. Will there be any? I'm no fortune teller, but I can tell you this, J.K. had to be sweet-talked into this deal. It took over 12 months of work by 2 different Warner's Entertainment CEO's. She is demanding creative control and will have to approve any rewrites. The one screenwriting team did all the Potter movies. She has never done this before. The studio bosses are understandably a bit nervous.

This whole deal is actually down to someone you don't even know, I'll wager. It's down to a guy called Kevin Tsujihara (the new CEO at Warner's). How old do you think Kevin is right now? He's also 48 (Oct.2012 to Oct.2013). They didn't think Kevin could woo talent, because he came from the unglamourous distribution side of the business. Yet, he did this deal. He had to woo J.K's attorney and agent in the UK, over many months.

Now here's the $64,000 question for you. When does Kevin's 'Year of Revolution' overlap with J.K's? This is what I call the period of 'Confluence'. Answer :- July, 31st till Oct, 25th. That's right, it's happened very recently, in a window of just 3 months. When was this deal announced? Yes, it was right, smack in the middle, of this small amount of time.

Now just try computing the odds on what I have presented. This news was delivered on time, to the very time, that ties Jo Murray (J.K's real name) to Kevin Tsujihara at their shared 'Years of Revolution'.. You are reading a first of it's kind analysis, that I am currently seeking assistance from the Australian Society of Statisticians, to provide an objective opinion on the likelihood of it just occurring by chance.Stay tuned for more incredible real-life cases of correlations with 'Life Cycles'.

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