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Is Kevin Rudd Napoleon? /Tony Abbott The Duke Of Wellington?

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This is the Cover Concept for 'The Life Cycles Revolution'

This provides a unique in-depth analysis of the historical parallels of then Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd and his Liberal Party challenger and current Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, using 'Life Cycles'.

Greetings to you all. I first penned this article one month before the Sept. 2013 Australian General Election, when both parties were running 50/50 in the opinion polls. So, you have the benefit of hindsight to see that I 'stuck my neck out', to foretell his most probable loss, based solely on my biographic parallels. Many others wrote on the subject of 'Rudd/Napoleon', but Google had ranked my post number one on page one. So now let me take you back to early August 2013....

I haven't been the first person to make the observation that Kevin Rudd has more than a touch of Napoleon about him. I read recently, that his turnabout on early action to reduce carbon emissions, has all the hallmarks of Napoleon's retreat out of Moscow in 1812. It was stated, that his return as leader is like Napoleon's return from Elba; but also, will he get 100 days before his Waterloo? Before reclaiming the leadership, he was said to be like Napoleon sitting on St. Helena (his final destination). In fact, he has been graphically portrayed as Napoleon rather well, as shown right.

But it's the inflated ego and grandiose visions, not to mention failure to consult and attempts to bury his mistakes, along with his enemies, that rings true. Also, his reliance on popular support and his boundless self-satisfaction, which really seals the deal. Now I want to do something very unique here. I have this brand new theory of analysing your life in 12 year symbolically repeating cycles, known simply as 'Life Cycles'. I derived it by studying thousands of case histories when, as a psychologist, I ran my own outplacement company in Sydney for around 20 years. It has nothing to do with astrology/numerology/religion etc. I deal in facts. This is a special post, so I'm assuming that people who read it, may not know that since 2008, I have published 2 books ('Life Cycles', 2008 and 'The Life Cycles Revolution', 2013) and maintained 2 blogs, that are full of checkable facts about famous people and those featured in current affairs. It's now several hundred case histories, that demonstrate the statistical proof of the correlations.

OK, now to a very quick primer in 'Life Cycles' theory. The core part of the theory is 'falling off a log' easy to understand. Every 12 years in your life you begin a new cycle (that has the same form as every other cycle). This is ushered in by an important year, known as the 'Year of Revolution' (ie. ages of 12,24,36,48 etc.), which is marked by upheavals and new beginnings. You travel along for 7 years, until you hit a second important year of change, known as the 'Year of Broken Pathways' (ie. ages of 19,31,43,55 etc.). This is marked by direction change and challenge. We look at whether these years coincide with important change in whichever life we study. It won't work 100% of the time, but the amazing amount of times it does, is a statistical miracle, if you compared it to the chances of it happening randomly.

One further concept is known simply as 'Confluence', which is the shared time you may be in one of these so-called 'significant years', with someone else you are close to, be it as a friend or lover, or someone you have to deal with in your career. It is straight maths. Nothing mystical about it. Obviously if you were born in the same year, there would be a fair amount of 'Confluence'. In marriage this is an added benefit, with couples like Catherine and William and our own Nicole and Keith sharing it. In career terms, it can be seen that the astronauts Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins, were all were born in the same 12 month period. In politics, I have already written about Abraham Lincoln and General John J Hardin, who had it and were both going for the same job, being a two year term in Washington, which was settled during a one month window, when they were both in their important age 36 'Year of Revolution'. It's rare, but factual, and sealed both their fates at once, which now brings me to my subject for discussion.

I do realise, however, that I need to introduce one more piece of this jigsaw puzzle first. If I had to search 'Tony Abbott/The Duke of Wellington', I would see several recent articles suggesting that if Kevin Rudd is Napoleon, then Tony Abbott has to find 'his inner Duke of Wellington', no doubt to ensure that Rudd meets his Waterloo. Even Malcolm Turnbull makes reference to one of the Duke's sayings, in regard to how the new Liberal Government would behave. There are also other similarities. As a military man the Duke rose early, had iron discipline and even when he retired from the army, he used to still sleep in a camp bed and eat cold bully beef. He was a physically tough character, just as Tony Abbott is well known to be. They are both not considered flamboyant personalities, both being rather plain spoken and determined.

But what's all this got to do with 'Life Cycles' you may well say? You see Kevin 'Napoleon' Rudd happens to be born in the same year as Tony 'Duke of Wellington' Abbott. They are now both in an age 55 'Year of Broken Pathways' together as we speak. What's weirder than weird however, is that Napoleon Bonaparte and Arthur Wellesley (later to become the Duke of Wellington), were also born in exactly the same year and both were at a critical age 43 'Year of Broken Pathways' in the tumultuous years 1812/3. In a sense they were after the same objective; to gain a decided military advantage, that may either restore the fortunes of one, or represent a triumph for the other.

The British under Wellesley (who had been fighting for several years in Spain and Portugal, in the so-called Peninsula Campaign) met the French army of brother Joseph Bonaparte (King of Spain) in the decisive Battle of Vitoria in June, 1813. Although this was just a couple of weeks past Wellesley's 44th birthday, it was still within Napoleon's 'Year of Broken Pathways' (so not quite a 100% match, but very, very close). As if the failed Russian campaign wasn't bad enough, this battle effectively made the fortunes of both Napoleon and Wellesley together. Wellesley smashed the French Army and was made a Field Marshall on the spot and a Duke in 1814 and later went on to resume his political career (becoming Prime Minister) Napoleon still didn't formally surrender till next year, but he was on record as saying that:- "that unfortunate war destroyed me....all my disasters are bound up in that fatal knot."

Now back to the present and Rudd turns 56 on 21st. Sept, 2013. This election is in a very similar time frame to how the Battle of Vitoria was for Napoleon (ie. very close to his birthday). Tony Abbott is, however, unlike the Duke, within his age 55 'Year of Broken Pathways' for the whole period. It is fair to say that this election will seal the fate of both men together. Does all this analysis mean I know the outcome? The answer is a definite "no". I'm not a fortune teller or psychic (who I equally doubt can predict the exact outcome). The answer lies in the hands on the voting public, who no nothing of my theory. But let's just say the historic parallels are ominous for Rudd and leave it at that. Some other theorists might simply wait till after the event to report it, and only go ahead if there was the right outcome, but that's not my style.

Now to finish up with, here's a quick run through of some other 'Life Cycles' facts. At age 24 (first adult 'Year of Revolution') a young Kevin Rudd, began his career in the Department of Foreign Affairs, Diplomatic Service. This lasted till he left the Department some seven years later in 1988. In this same year, in his age 31 'Year of Broken Pathways', he was appointed Chief of Staff to Opposition Leader in Queensland, Wayne Goss. In his important mid-life, age 36 'Year of Revolution', he made his name by chairing a high level working group on 'Shaping Australia's Future', which became known as 'The Rudd Report'. When he was in his 43rd. 'Year of Broken Pathways', he was about to be involved in Labor's Defeat in the November, 2001 Election. It, however, resulted in his being made a Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs. When he was in his age 48 'Year of Revolution', he was busy gathering support to challenge Kim Beazley for leadership, as opinion polls showed he had higher voter support. This happened only two months later. Not dissimilar to how things went with Julia Gillard.

Turning to Tony Abbott, when he was in his age 24 'Year of Revolution', he had just been awarded his Oxford Degree as a Rhodes Scholar, but took an extended trip back to Australia via Africa and then advised his family, that it was his intention to join the priesthood. So this was his new age/direction, quite unlike Rudd the young Diplomat. When he was in his age 31 'Year of Broken Pathways', mostly in 1989, he had left a job as a site manager at Pioneer Concrete (which had been lined up through CEO Sir Tristan Antico, a staunch Catholic) and returned to his passion for journalism, as a lead writer for The Australian. This was to set him on course to join Opposition Leader John Hewson, as Press Secretary the next year. So his challenge was to work under pressure as a journalist and political advisor, not dissimilar to Rudd, who did much the same with Wayne Goss in Queensland.

When he was in his important age 36, mid-life 'Year of Revolution', Tony Abbott was approached by his mentor, John Howard, to seek pre-selection in the seat of Warringah. Howard provided a glowing reference and he won. Thus his political career began at this important time (at the same age Howard was appointed Minister when Malcolm Fraser won office in 1975). When he was in his 43rd 'Year of Broken Pathways', he was promoted to be a Cabinet member in John Howard's government, at a time that was within a year of Kevin Rudd becoming a Shadow Minister. Both careers were converging at this point. As Minister for Health in 2006 (in his age 48 'Year of Revolution'), he was embroiled in controversy over his opposition to the abortion drug RU486. His new age then, was to slowly reconcile his conservative Catholic values, with those a changing pluralistic society. Interestingly, Kevin Rudd also opposed the introduction of RU486 on moral grounds. They were, once again, quite similar in this regard.

So 'Life Cycles' in general and 'Confluence' in particular, shows both the similarities with career stages, along with marked differences in style, that will make this contest, both closely fought and decisive for each man going forward. I hope you have enjoyed this 'Life Cycles' profile. Just remember, that my chances of finding meaningful change during such a small number of years in a person's life, are overwhelmingly small each time. Yet the same patterns keep coming up time after time. My writings have included analysis of such well-known international political leaders as Barak Obama, George W Bush, the Clintons, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown , David Cameron, JFK, Richard Nixon, Hitler, Churchill, Napoleon, Duke of Wellington (as you know), James VI, Henry VIII, Genghis Khan, Julius Caesar, Hannibal Barca, Cleopatra and Alexander The Great.

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