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Women, The Untold Story

by LordAlexofEngland (writer), Southern England..., October 10, 2006

SO, How many of you have heard the line "its not you, its me?" or "I just need time to think and i need space?"

Well it is now my expreience that these lines really mean "Go away, I want to see someone else" or "I think while he's gone I'll lead on another bloke and make the situation in my love life more difficult".

Well Scientists in the U.K last night announced that these so called "Women" are actually in complete control of any one mans emotions.

Dr J R Peebody of the Institute of Women studies announced unexpectedly that they have in-fact found a series of Pheromones that actually have the ability to make males believe what they are saying.

"Its incrediable" he said, "There we were testing the need of anti-wrinkle cream for under 25's, and we stumbled accross this phenomenom. This pheromone actually interacts with a part of the male brain that interprets sentances and body language."

When released this pheromone can have devastating consquences and so government health agencies are urging the male population to be aware. It is advised not to take what is being said litterally but to read between the lines, as to avoid even more heartbreak.

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By Credo on September 19, 2013 at 01:55 pm

Flamboyant display in journalism, generating great interest and curiosity. The ending leaves one on hold speculating and waiting for more. :)Credo

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