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Entrepreneur Ideas: Earning Your Rewards In An Online Business

If you have an online business, are you earning your rewards? Check this out and leave me a comment if you are! Would love to hear. :)

“You can make a good living,” “you can say goodbye to your job and boss,” “you can spend quality time with your family.”

Tell me if this doesn’t sound familiar. These are the things you’re told will happen if you work from home.

So, you take the advice and plug away at your home business. Weeks turn into months and you’re not making much at all. You then start wondering when and from where the money will come.

Will the money every come? Are there really rewards for running your own online business?

Read this entrepreneur ideas article and I hope it provides the inspiration you seek.

Initially, I and many others like me were at the same place you’re in now and that was years ago. I struggled and it took me many months to make anything substantial from my online business.

I think that qualifies me as somebody who knows what it’s like to struggle. I certainly wasn’t happy back then when I wasn’t seeing any rewards immediately.

But the one thing I had in me was PERSISTENCE.

Today, when I look back, I see how far I’ve come. I may be working hard today because I believe in hard work, but I can also find time for myself. I can do many things that I wanted to do. I can manage my work schedule based on my convenience.

I have the luxury of being able to have days like this because of all the hard work that I put into my online business. Success didn’t come overnight …not even close.

But it DID finally!

I now continue to work hard because I want much more. Along with furthering my success, I can also now look at helping others achieve success in their online marketing efforts.

Where Is The Patience?

From experience, I can tell now that the problem most people have when venturing online is that they have no patience or very little of this amazing and most essential quality.

They want to see results yesterday and they want to achieve everything without having to put in the required effort. You may be different, but I’m making a general statement here, which applies to the majority of people who start their online home businesses.

Where Is The Money?

No, I’m not talking about the money people look at earning from their home businesses. I’m talking about the money people will have to spend. Most people want everything without having to spend ANY money. It doesn’t have to be a big amount. That’s the advantage of an online business.

The expenses can be relatively low initially, but you will need money for hosting, to join a business and other such expenses. Zero investment is a fallacy many people sell, just to get you interested in what they’re offering.

Even at this stage, I don’t believe in spending abnormally, but I do have monthly expenses and I do know that there is a minimum I have to be willing to spend in order to live the lifestyle I want. Anything less won’t let things happen the way I want them to.

Entrepreneur Ideas: Where Is The Sacrifice?

You have to sacrifice something to gain something. What are you willing to sacrifice? I remember working 14-hour days and I didn’t do so many of the pleasure things that the others did. I didn’t have much free time for anything other than building my business. I didn’t get to spend too much time with the family.

Now I can choose the time I want to spend on my business. I can spend some quality time with my family. That’s the best reward for all the hard work I had put in to my business.

There can be no rewards without some sacrifice and effort. It’s important for you to decide if the reward is worth going after and if it’s worth going through all the trouble.

If it is, continue working at your online business and don’t get disheartened at the time its taking. You will need to sacrifice some of your time and a little of your money.

The rewards will come….and you’ll see they’re worth everything you’ve sacrificed and more.

Don’t Let This Be You

People have a million people and systems to blame when they don’t see success as soon as they venture into their online business. For example, I may tell them that they can make money with online marketing.

There is no doubt that they will listen to me and do everything I suggest. Then on Day 2, they check to see what their earnings are. Day 3, they get restless. Day 4 is them sitting on the edge and biting their nails. Day 5 is the beginning of their disappointments. Day 6, they wonder if they’ve done the right thing. Day 7 is when they FINALLY decide to give up.

The mind is now filled with anger and distrust. They now think they cannot trust any system or anybody for that matter. It’s a case of sour grapes. They look for something else and this continues.

All I can say is —- don’t let this be you. Persistence is often all it takes to break through.

Entrepreneur Ideas: A Conclusion – Earn Your Rewards

The only way you can see results and achieve rewards in your online business is to EARN THEM. Use the right ingredients to reach where you want to.

There is plenty waiting for you, just learn how to get to it. It may sometimes be a time-taking path, work your way through it anyway. Make sure the reward is worth the effort.

So what is your best reward? Have this article given you any useful entrepreneur ideas?

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