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How To Make Money Blogging: (And Why You Need a Blog)

I get asked 2 questions the most, do I need a blog and how do I make money with one? I decided I would answer these in this article - you might be suprised with some of the content.

Many a time have I been asked two questions. 1) Do I really need a blog and 2) Can you show me how to make money blogging.

Having a blog online is very important in many ways. You may come across people who tell you that it’s a complete waste of time and doesn’t do anything, but that’s the opinion they have formed.

Generally, the people that tell you not to waste time building a blog are mostly those that don’t like putting their face out there and make themselves easily findable online. They prefer to sit behind their computers and make money without anyone knowing who they are. They seek anonymity.

There could be many reasons for this. While some may be introverts that prefer working quietly behind the scenes, others may not really have a strong belief in what they’re doing. Getting into something without conviction makes them weak in front of others and they don’t want to face people.

Others have previously started a blog without any clear direction. They have made a few posts, then got discourages when not seeing any results, and have given up. They then tell everyone else that blogging doesn’t work.

I’ve owned blogs online for several years and they’ve been one of the main components of my entire online marketing system. I’ve also shown lots of people how to make money blogging.

Most people create a blog to build huge traffic or make sales and money, but it goes deeper than that.

Here are some reasons why you should own a blog.

Blog As A Branding Tool

Blogs have emerged as powerful brand-building platforms for all sorts of businesses. They have become a marketer’s personal branding tool of choice. The role of branding in marketing is much more profound now than ever before. It is in a way, a game changer.

Blogs build credibility and are the new business cards. If you concentrate on branding yourself properly, it becomes easier to find people who connect to you and your ideas.

The idea behind blogging is to develop loyalty in your readers, who will in the future comment, subscribe, share content, make purchases from you and more. You can consciously help guide people’s opinion by offering immense value through a blog.

Blog As An Engagement Corner

A blog can be the place where you relax and let your hair down. It’s almost like running into your customers at a local coffee shop. You may talk about your business, products and services there, but in a light hearted way, and not using the professional tone you would on your website. You can be more open and honest, thus creating a good impression.

In other words, through a blog, you engage with your customers, communicating with them rather than to them. That’s what social media is all about, and your blog is at the center of that.

Blog To Test New Ideas

If you’re offering baking services and you want to start offering brand new sugarless cakes using a special ingredient, you post your idea on your blog and use the comment section to find out what your customers think about the idea.

You can use your blog to get feedback from your customers even before you start creating the new cakes. It helps you know if your idea makes sense from the business view point.

Blog To Offer Information

You’re in the business of selling ice cream makers from Amazon. Now it’s your job to get people interested in what you’re selling. The only way you can do that is give them important information about the product.

Share tips about what sort of ice creams can be made and how easy it is. Blogging about the product is a great way of building trust and ensuring your readers turn into customers.

Blog As A Social Proof Platform

One of the main things that gives your visitors confidence about you is your website, especially a blog, as it is evidence of social proof. This confidence comes from people seeing the comments on your blog, the number of tweets, likes, followers, fans, and all other social shares. You can use your blog to prove your social clout.

Blog As A List Building Mechanism

A blog can be an excellent way to start building a list. This is one of the key areas I teach people when they ask me how to make money blogging. Building a list can be done with a website too, but because the interaction and engagement levels are higher on a blog, it gives people confidence to sign up.

Most people like reading real comments from others before joining or buying. A blog gives them that opportunity.

A Blog To Make You Easily Findable

Because the interaction levels are high with blogs, Google and other search engines give blogs priority, making you easily findable when people search using related keywords. With thousands of websites out there, it helps to get your name out there and make it easier for Internet users to find you.

How To Make Money Blogging: A Conclusion

Having a blog online helps in many ways and I always recommend that as the first thing to do when starting an online business.

Be transparent and concentrate on engagement, and you will find that building trust happens naturally through your blog. This leads to building a loyal fan base, leading to more sales.

Of course, you have to keep updating your blog constantly with interesting posts and keep your visitors engaged in communication.

Now, more than ever before, the opportunities to really learn how to make money blogging, and be successful, are available. With new mobile blog platforms like “Blog Beast” we now have incredibly powerful ways to reach people, connect and make top tier incomes through doing somethin very enjoyable.

But before creating your own marketing blog, answer just one question. Do you have the time, energy and the dedication to keep a blog going?

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