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What Successful People Do Differently

Have you ever thought about what the hugely successful people do differently? If so, you might like to check out this article. It identifies 5 key traits that all successful people have.

You must have come across people who are consistently successful at everything they do. They start a business and they succeed. They start an online marketing venture and prove wrong, all those people crying hoarse that it’s not going to work.

How are they able to do it? Have you ever thought about what successful people do differently? I think of Bill Gates and Richard Branson when I think of highly successful people. We all have our own lists of people we admire and wonder how they do it.

You will find several stories written about these people. People take them as great examples and research about them. It’s a fact that most of them were not born into success. They simply created a strong plan and worked towards their goal with all the passion and energy they have. They never let anything or anybody distract them or steer them away from their goals.

If you take one example of a successful person, you’ll find that they do things differently. It’s up to you to find out how they went about their business and emulate them as much as possible. Learn all the positive traits they had and see how you can adopt them.

I like talking about Sir Richard Branson as I think he’s a super successful person. He’s said to suffer from severe dyslexia. But he never let that be an excuse to fail. He made that his strength to succeed. His principle is to do what you’re good at and let others do what they’re good at, instead of trying to do everything yourself. He said, “If I could read a balance sheet, I wouldn’t have done anything in life.“

Warren Buffet, a savvy investor believed strongly that knowing people matters more than having knowledge. When he was young and enthusiastic, he had enough knowledge but that proved worthless as he didn’t have enough capital to make heavy market moves. He only got rich after he overcame his shyness and recruited members for investment partnerships. He believed that nobody gets rich alone. Many successful Internet marketers enter into JVs and make big money.

Similarly, others have their own principles they believe in and used them to achieve success in their professional and personal lives.

#1 Set Realistic Targets

One of the most important things to do is have realistic and S.M.A.R.T. goals:

  • (S) Specific: A general goal is to “lose weight,” but a specific goal is to “Practice yoga 5 days a week for the next 5 months.”
  • (M) Measurable: Make your goal measurable. How many pounds do you want to lose in 4 weeks, 8 weeks and finally in 5 months.
  • (A) Attainable: Your goal should be attainable. You can think of losing 50 pounds in 4 weeks, but set realistic figures that you can follow.
  • (R) Relevant: Set goals that matter. For an online marketer, a goal that says “Swim 100 laps in one hour” is not relevant. A relevant goal would be to see results in online marketing within 2 months.
  • (T) Timely: There should be target dates to a goal – a deadline. You have to work towards completing the goal within a specific date. This helps you concentrate on your goals.

#2 Make A Firm Decision And Take Action

Many people never get anywhere, in spite of dreaming of big things. They don’t take action!

If only knowledge can change things for us, we would all be millionaires and super successful. You may have plenty of knowledge, but it can only help you when it changes how you live.

It’s a scary thought that so many people just remain dreamers because they don’t seek out their dreams – they just don’t make things happen.

Success is based on your decision to live – to go after your dreams and goals. Make that decision and take action.

#3 Be Productive

Busy and productive are two different things. Very few busy people are actually productive. It’s easy to keep ourselves busy all day and end up not getting much done.

“Work smarter, not harder” is a saying that works in today’s world.

But few people actually follow it. If you look around, you’ll find more busy marketers than productive ones. Busy people have no time for anything, including their families, while the productive marketers seem to have all the time in the world and yet they earn much more.

Look at the results, not the amount of time it’s taking to reach them. If you’ve set a goal for making $100/day, are you able to do it? That’s the question.

#4 Don’t Try To Be Perfect

We all want to be perfect. Sometimes, we strive hard to achieve perfection. We spend huge amounts of time achieving perfection.

There’s nothing wrong in being perfect, as long as you’re not diverting attention or getting stuck with one task, in place of ten.

Perfectionists have a difficult time finishing what they’ve started and they lose out. The fact remains that getting things done is the only way one is rewarded.

If you’re writing an eBook on health, there’s no limit to what you can do with it. But for you to get it out to the public and make money from it, you have to stop somewhere. It’s the same with articles. How many articles can you write in a day if you don’t complete the first one?

Get things done! That’s what successful people do differently!

#5 Step Out Of The Comfort Zone

I’ve had the opportunity to communicate with many marketers, both new and experienced. I continue to see large numbers of marketers who are extremely smart, but even they question their ability to take on something new.

Many think that they’re not yet ready. They’re not comfortable stepping into anything new. They continue to believe they don’t have the knowledge or expertise.

Unfortunately, this stifles success. When an opportunity arises, it’s important to step out of your comfort zone and go ahead with it. You may not initially feel comfortable, but as they say, necessity is the mother of invention – you will soon learn and excel in it.

If you’ve decided to change your life and be successful, embrace worthwhile opportunities even if you don’t feel completely ready for them. Just make sure the opportunity has scope.

What Successful People Do Differently: A Conclusion

These are a few things that successful people do to achieve great heights. Look back at what you’ve been doing and focus on the weak areas. You have to sit down and ask yourself some tough questions. Don’t be afraid to answer truthfully, as this will help you understand your weaknesses.

Make firm decisions, set goals and take action. Don’t be afraid to experiment on a good opportunity. Following the above principles can only help you be successful.

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