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Amazon and eBay – Differences That Should Be Considered

eBay and Amazon both are biggest online shopping destinations. Both websites are popular for their high features and facilities that offered to their customers.

When it comes to talk about online shopping websites, both eBay and Amazon are the first two names that come in everyone’s mind as both the websites are extremely popular on the web. More than 200 million people are using both these websites to purchase products online from the comfort of their home.

Along with having similarities between these two websites, there are a range of differences as well that one should consider. One of the major difference between these sites is Amazon is an online retail store, while eBay is an auction website. When you look for selecting a one platform to host your online store, you should consider below mentioned differences in your mind.

Auction Facility

As we all know that offers an auction facility to its users, while is not providing an auction facility to its customers. If you are already an shopper, you already know it that there is not facility to auction, but it stands repeating that auction-style selling is not available on

Product Listing Fees

When it comes to talk about the fees, eBay is not charging any amount for listing and relisting your item for sells. Once your product has been sold-out, eBay will cut 10% and provide detailed information on it in a monthly invoice. However, Amazon charges referral as well as variable closing fees. The referral fees that charged by Amazon is based on the type of the product that you are selling.

According to the type of products, Amazon is charging referral fees, while variable closing fees is also depend on the category of the product that you sell. For all the media products, Amazon is charging flat $1.35 and for non-media products, company is charging according to the weight of the item.

Time to Create Listings

There are many retailers, who always wanted to save their precious time no matter whether they are listing their items on their own website or other popular websites.When considering time to create listings on eBay, the website takes more time compare to Amazon because Amazon have included various common products on its website.

For common items, you don’t have to spend your time on creating pictures, descriptions, listing titles at However, eBay has quite time-processing process of listing products.

Payment Procedure

We all are well aware that eBay is a PayPal partner and PayPal is one of the most preferred methods of payment. The money will be obtainable in the seller’s PayPal account, once the sale is completed and the item arrives at the buyer’s house. You are allowed to make use of PayPal balance on eBay as well as other websites as an eBay seller.

However, if you wish to deposit that money in your bank account, will be limited by how much money you can transfer to your bank account in each month. When it comes to Amazon payment procedure, all the sellers have to use Amazon Payment that is a service to deposit the money directly into your bank account..

Ease & Convenient

Today, most of the people prefer to purchase products online from the comfort of their home. They do not prefer to visit a brick-and-mortar store, where they are finding only limited items.

eBay is one such website where auction-style listing has been done. Various shoppers need to wait for at least one day so that seller get process and ship their order. Moreover, eBay is the destination which is more trafficked for rare, used items and limited edition.

However, Amazon is convenient for people as its $79 yearly subscription allows members to get free 2-day shipping. Millions of customers prefer to purchase products from Amazon for regular products like socks, coffee, and toilet paper because of Amazon Prime.

These are the major differences between eBay and Amazon that should be considered while purchasing or listing items. To get more information on eCommerce development and its solutions, you can visit here.

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