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Traditional Dating In Modern Society

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Dancing with tradition

Being a traditional man, or woman, makes dating much more successful.

As someone who loves psychology and enjoys observing the intricacies of human behavior, it amazes me how much the art of dating has changed.

I was raised in the 70's and 80's; a time when old fashioned manners still applied. An era when going on a date meant giving an actual face-to-face invitation to the object of your affections, holding the door open as she left your car or approached a doorway, grasping her hand while crossing the street, promptly picking her up at home right on time, and thanking her the next day with a courteous phone call. It was a time when being courteous, respectful, and timely was looked upon as the norm. It was also a period when women weren't afraid to let men take the lead and honor them with their presence. And as history and facts have proven, practicing traditional ethics in dating makes relationships much more successful.

As you can probably tell, I'm a rather old fashioned kind of guy. I like the process of courtship and know there are still women who really appreciate a man with traditional values. And even though lots of women these days have grown much more independent, believe me, despite their outer shells many still desire a man willing to treat them like a queen. It's in their blood, its part of who God made them to be. It's what most are still attracted too; sending her flowers and cards just because, that's the ticket.

Women deeply desire a man who's a leader, an honorable person, and one they can trust with their deepest secrets and desires. They're looking for one who'd make a great husband and father, lover, and personal partner-in-crime. No matter how much money they have, how high they are on the corporate or social ladders, and how tough they act on their exteriors, women will always fall for the guy who treats them with respect and makes them feel special. I'm not saying be one of those stuck in the "friend zone" or a passive pushover, there must be a balance. Be more like Rambo or Superman--tough when you need to be yet kind and caring to those you love.

So, in this modern era of smart phones, internet dating sites, and super-busy lifestyles what are the best ways of showing a woman you're a worthy specimen? A traditional guy.

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