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Personality Traits of Those Who Cheat

Watch for the signs

Identifying the warning signs of those who cheat can save you lots of heartache.

I recently wrote an article discussing what to do after the object of your affections crushes your heart. Now, I'm going to dive in and talk about ways of seeing the warning signs before things get to this point; to look for the character flaws, psychological traits and common social behaviors of women likely to be loose and promiscuous. Although this article is written about women, it also easily applies toward men.

No matter how you meet the women you date, you always approach the beginning of each relationship with high hopes, especially if you're one whose serious about becoming married, even eventually starting a family. You're excited to have that first dinner together, conversation on the phone and beginning physical encounters. More than likely, if there's a strong mutual attraction, each of you will say the right words and place the upmost importance on carrying things to the next level. And it's great when dating is firing on all cylinders and the future looks bright, but unfortunately for so many when things start getting comfortable is when one whose open to cheating will do so when you least expect it.

I've come up with some items to look for once everyday behavior begins taking the place of initial excitement--the period when the passion that once ignited bonfires now begins lighting campfires and things have settled down:

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3 comments on Personality Traits of Those Who Cheat

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By Shaun Gibson on September 09, 2013 at 09:39 pm

Good blog mate.

I have been with the same woman since school, kids school. I was a Father at 17 (Wrong at the time, would never change it now, I have a son)

Dawn and I never argue, not even a heated debate, we are best friends, we just love each other but are good friends also. When we kiss now it still feels like the first time.

People find this hard to believe. lol It can happen. Trying to explain to my 2 sons who are 21 and 19 that you don't fall in love and marry the first woman you meet, has been hard. But that is wha parenting is, explaining. A challenge, but a good one..

Great blog mate

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By Coach Phatty on September 10, 2013 at 11:43 am

Very nice blog my friend!! Well done!

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By Randy Mitchell on September 10, 2013 at 02:40 pm

Thanks Shaun and CP. Shaun, that's great about you and your wife. Lots of relationships these days could learn from your experience.

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