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Ballerina Down Downtown

Credit: by: Tizia Notoma
The Dancer

These lyrics literally spilled out of me. My inspiration: dance scenes from the movies, "The Company", and "The Adjustment Bureau".

City lights surround

The stage set with a

Cast of three dancers

Ballerina down downtown

Transfixed I watch as your hand

Gracefully plays across imagined

Waves etched within the

Air around you

Ballerina down downtown


You lift your arms effortlessly

Reaching up as heavy drops of rain

Pound their rhythmic

Splashes of song

Ballerina down downtown

Two male dancers lift and

Pass you to-and-fro

Your slim body

Embraces the quickening beat

Ballerina down downtown


Rain pelts down even harder

Wet concrete

Wet stage

You dance anyway

Expressive movements are

Watched by all seated

Underneath colored umbrellas

Ballerina wearing a crown

Ballerina down downtown


We marvel at the excellent

Steps and beautifully arched bodies

Intertwining beneath

The cloudy night sky

Droplets of shimmering rain

Cascade across your bodies

Soaking costumes

To plaster themselves to the wearer

Ballerina down downtown


Strings of guitar and violin

Accompany perfectly pitched flute notes

And piano chords

A true ensemble of artist love

Interpreted through hands

Of like-minded musicians

Together the dancers convey

Heartfelt harmony

As they end their dance

Beneath city lights

The life-giving rain

They quietly bow

Before their applauding audience

Ballerina down downtown

by Theresa H Hall

@2 p.m. 08-15-13

(originally posted on my blog)

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2 comments on Ballerina Down Downtown

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By Barbara MacDonald on September 07, 2013 at 08:19 am

Well done Theresa...I have not seen either movie, buit loved the poem. I am always happy when I can read poetry that others write....great ink...:D

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By riginal on September 08, 2013 at 07:56 am

You women Theresa, i believe, because of your inate sensitivity have the ability to plumb the depths of your emotions, due to that sensitivity. And if either of you girls disagree i'll burst into tears! Dancing in the for me.

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