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American Media and the ex-Soviet Propaganda

by ranfuchs (writer), CT, USA, September 01, 2013

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The Way to Peace and Creation

The sudden obsession of the media, post Obama's announcement, with the horrors in Syria, makes the US media looks more like an ex-Soviet propaganda machine than an independent media.

I bet that it’s been some time since you cared about what was happening in Iraq. After all, the media has barely covered the new wave of killing, the worst bloodshed since 2008.

What about the 3,852 civilian casualties in Afghanistan in the first half of this year? When was the last time you watched, read or thought about them?

And until last week, like the media, most Americans did not care about the two and a half years of civil war in Syria that killed over 100,000 people. Not until Obama declared, “Let’s bomb them.”Suddenly, the media is discovering how immoral these Syrian are. So bad that even without strategy or objectives, we must bomb them into submission.

In the daily media, there is little discussion why the British have decided not to support the US attack, nor why the Chinese and Russian support the Syrian regime. As if the media has taken a role to rally the people of America behind their fearless leader, whatever his indecisive decision might be. With some difference – not as big as we may want to believe -- that was the role of the media in totalitarian regimes. To be more concrete, let’s look at four of the principle that guided the dreaded USSR propaganda.

    1.Internationalization of Socialism: In the USA, we call for the Internationalization of Democracy. The principle, however, has not change: let brainwash our people to believe that what we have here (whether we like it or not), is the best for others. After all, we can’t trust them to know what’s good for them.

    2.Peace loving: The propaganda of the communist party in the USSR emphasized their yearning for peace, unlike the military ambitions of their archenemy, the USA. Many Americans (those who bothered to know, at least) found it surprising to discover after the fall of communism, that the Russian population had feared the US military ambition just as much as the average American feared the Russians.

    3.Personality Cult: It’s amazing to hear how Obama is compared, by some media, to Lincoln, if not Washington. I wonder what the US would have looked like, if he really were the first president.

    4.Toe the Party Line: With some exceptions, the truth in any conflict is never simple and hardly ever one-sided. But we can’t afford any doubt if America wants to practice its right to test its weapon in foreign lands. So let’s make sure that subtlety and complexity will not interfere with our judgment and remove them from the discussion altogether. Let’s make sure that the facts are presented only in a way that supports us. After all, the purpose of truth is to support our position, and we will change it accordingly.

Propaganda has always been the cardinal tool of dark regimes. In the USA, outside short periods, independent media has been the protector of democracy. Using it to serve political agenda will risk the very way of life that generations of Americans believed in and fought to preserve, a way of life that nowadays is not guaranteed any longer. Never has it seemed so fragile.

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6 comments on American Media and the ex-Soviet Propaganda

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By John Nelson on September 03, 2013 at 01:38 pm

What is missing from the media analysis is that Syria is not a threat to us or our interests. They are in a civil war, not a war of aggression against the U.S. To strike them and kill people is not a legal military action; it’s murder. When our interests are not threatened, when we’re not attacked or in the absence of any plausible threat of attack, how can we unilaterally attack another sovereign nation? Does Obama plan to go to the UN for support? If not, why not….and what does that tell us? Where is the thoughtful dialog in the media ? it’s largely missing. NPR has done a little balanced analysis, but largely the mainstream media has done nothing to educate the public at large.

The Republicans obstructed every move Obama has made to improve the U.S. economy and yet leading Republicans are getting behind the president on the Syrian misadventure? Will the media report on the connections between the Republican Senate leaders and the defense lobbyists and military contractors? Will they investigate why these Republican senators are now on Obama’s side (first time in 5 years), yet when our economy (and many citizens) were struggling economically they did not get behind the president….. even once! Why is that? Why get behind Obama now? Should the American people get answers to those questions and isn’t that why we have an independent media?

Sure we have political hyperbole in the press where Obama is compared to Lincoln or branded a Muslim, non-American socialist. Of course that is all red meat for ratings and not journalism. The media has changed after 1984 when then President Ronald Reagan eliminated the Fairness Doctrine. Now we have news-a-tainment with no standards….. You may get some thoughtful coverage about Syria from the NY Times and NPR , but it won’t be flashy….it will be lots of words and no hyperbole, no yelling, and as such most Americans will not take the time to listen or read. Smart doesn’t sell (just ask Fox News, CNN or any of the other news-a-tainment outlets who peddle dumbed-down information.) They media should inform and educate in a balanced and regulated manner. But after 1984 (ironically) that is no longer required.

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By ranfuchs on September 03, 2013 at 01:54 pm


As it seems thar war is the one thing the US is really good at, you don't really want anyone to question its validity, do you?

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By riginal on September 03, 2013 at 09:39 pm

Strange thing that. Syria subduing/killing any disagreeing populace with supposedly deadly gas. America killing off its own with deadly indifference/ignorance. Maybe an all out attack on inequality in the poorest suburbs in America via tons of food, medical help etc would quell riotous thoughts and widespread disgust? Be great target practice?

Hundreds of helicopters carrying that aid come in low as they dare,Vietnam style,loudspeakers blaring,"stand out of the way...Congress will not be responsible for anyone injured by medical help and or food parcels!" Sounds far fetched and ridiculous? Course it is...who the hell would want to help their own people in a massive outrageous assault of that nature when humanity beckons elsewhere for precise precision bombing? Maybe have to hark back a line or 5. "Congress will not be responsible." Still have to feel sorry for Syrian and American civilians/kids/innocents whose only default is the fact that geographically they always seem to be in the wrong place at the right time ie:poverty st. Just a tad north of indifference. Reverberating same old same old history. Clean up your own back yard,or at least pull down the dividing fence between the haves and the haves snot,which does get up noses when you're hungry! Civil war,world war...humanity's whore. Screw or chew it up it all ends up the same. Good people suffer along with the bad.Who triumphs? Maybe someone could put up a post about the Syrian conflict, obviously people unhappy,why? Despot government? People just sick and tired of not having the basics in life/lousy medical regime? Now where have i heard that before? Way out West?

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By ranfuchs on September 03, 2013 at 09:44 pm


War has always been the easiest way to avoid dealing with internal problems and/or unhappy population

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By riginal on September 04, 2013 at 03:28 am

Bit like a festering political sore, put a dirty band-aid on unresolved issues and 'unhappy' may erupt one day and bite the 'doctored'system. Hopefully not. I wish you Americans good health because wishing and hoping for change seems to be the only thing on offer? You may have to ring Bruce Willis, i mean how many times has he saved the world from disaster? I know he's weary from the 'Die Hard' series but not as weary as the American people are of the never ending series of political 'Di a tribe.' No pun intended but the tight dressed media women give me the impression that if a missile landed in the news studio they would brush an errant ruffled hair aside,re-render their make-up and say something like "we'll be right back after a short blast from our unwelcome sponsors!...coming up...Scientists have discovered that people get on better when in harm on me...sorry, when in harmony. A cute story, Scientists have told assembled media that gophers used to run right round America...then they dug some holes,settled down and started running it! On that note i'm going to gopher a cup of tea, hope you all have a great weekend.Tomorrow we'll be having a working bee in the news studio.On Monday we'll be talking not with Miss Universe but Miss ile...unless people start treating each other with a tad more respect. War aint funny and i don't mean to be disrespectful,but it's hard to hate when you're laughing. Have a great weekend all, hope and pray things will work out...specially for the innocent.No doubt the media will keep us ill-informed.Cheers...

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By Agit8r on September 17, 2013 at 09:36 pm

Yeah, Obama is much more compromising than Washington was:

"if the minority, and a small one too, are suffered to dictate to the majority, after measures have undergone the most solemn discussions by the Representatives of the people, and their Will through this medium is enacted into a law; there can be no security for life, liberty or property" --George Washington; from letter to Daniel Morgan (Oct. 8, 1794)

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