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The Broken Gift

The Broken Gift with Daniel Friedmann. Daniel Friedmann talks about the inspiration behind writing his book about human origins and the relationship between scientific theory and biblical teachings.

In my new book "The Broken Gift" I demonstrate alignment between key events and their dates relating to the appearance and early history of our species as described in Genesis chapters 1 through 11 (Adam, Adam’s descendants, the Flood, and the fall of Babel) with those derived from scientific observation.

I found that almost every person has at some point in their life pondered the question “where did I come from?” I found that the Bible and science are mostly in agreement as to what happened and how - although not completely on when it happened, and by studying both the Bible and science we can get as close as we have ever gotten to understand how we came to be.

The research to write this book took most of my life but most intensely about 2 years. It took a year or so to write it all down and back up every statement with a peer reviewed source or biblical source. Publication proceeded over the past 6 month or so.

The book has excellent coverage of the biblical position. In addition, the simple reading of Genesis seems in complete contradiction with fossil record evidence. This contradiction is dealt with in The Broken Gift head on in a comprehensive manner - never done before.

Many adherents of two major world religions— Christianity and Judaism—accept the Genesis account as factual and literal.

Science and religion agree on many aspects of our origins and provide complimentary knowledge that, when integrated in one package as the book does, answers a great deal of the origins question.

This book is for teens and adults. Your family can spend quality time having a discussion about science, religion and the meaning and purpose of life.

Daniel Friedmann is CEO of MDA Corp., specializing in robotics. He has a master's in engineering physics and 30 years' experience in the space industry. He is also a longtime student of cosmology and religion. The Broken Gift is available at and at

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By Credo on August 30, 2013 at 02:22 am

Smoothly written review. Portraying the book and its author with scholastic aptness. The title.... What was it referring to? Was it the gift of creation?


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By Yvonne Wu on September 29, 2013 at 03:27 pm

Thanks Credo, yes.

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