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The Fine Art of Plagiarism

Is it really a compliment, or is it highway robbery to reproduce copy written materials, passing them off as your own?

They say that the greatest compliment to an author, or an artist is when his work, his craft, and his commercial persona [the very essence of his caricature and artistic being] has been plagiarized.

This single moment in time, is said to be, the first sign of his [author's] greatness. It is suppose to signify to the author that as a writer, a comedian, a radio talk show host or an artist of any marketable reputation, that he has finally reached a major pinnacle in his profession. I 'm not at all together certain if that's true; It feels to me rather distasteful, almost like I've been violated in some intrusive but dramatic way.

I however, am also not too certain that the plagiarist, is any better off than I am. He may discover that without referencing the author and originator of such plagiarized material with in his stolen work, he may have forever tainted his very own credibility, and the credibility of the people he works for. Perhaps he didn't understand the commercial rules that govern all copy written materials, or the legal protections that are in place which secure authors from artistic criminals, who would steal their intellectual property. Perhaps if he had referenced the author's hard earned work with in his own materials, perhaps; the owner, author and originator of that material would not have filed a law suit. I'm sorry! But; the letters have gone out, the emails have been sent, and everybody that needs to know have already been notified, its too late, because it is already underway.

You know, I may have actually overlooked these transgressions, [there was a possibility] had it not been for the fact that you not only stole my work, but you also stole my public digital name [my online public persona] claiming it as your own. And worst of all you were making money off of my articles, and personality for over six years. And so you've left me no choice but to prosecute, which is a terrible way to have to learn. "Thy shall not steal, Thou shall not bear false witness against thy neighbor'," Thou shall not covet anything that is thy neighbor's.

It's a ¥ hell ¥ of a way, to learn the Ten Commandments.


'The following information is; SELF EVIDENT!

The names of the original articles were altered by the plagiarist. Therefore, I wrote the articles in comparative sequence, so that you can compare the changes that were made, between the two web sites and writers. After going through all of this, the plagiarist was foolish enough to utilize the same online stage name. In effect as I searched online for reviews I stumbled upon this site. Fortunately by writing this article I have made others acutely aware of the possible infringements and infractions that may take place online, and I've galvanized the public as my global witnesses,

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7 comments on The Fine Art of Plagiarism

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By Credo on August 27, 2013 at 03:35 pm

Copy cat writer....

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By riginal on August 28, 2013 at 04:56 am

Well said Credo, my son would make a great sports writer but won't push himself to that end and says when an established sports writer 'borrows' verbatim,"at least i'm good enough to have my stuff used." Stuff all intentional 'users' i say.No talent,equals a one way trip to eventual writing oblivion. Leaves a bitter taste that makes you want to twist their backspace on a bad day.

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By Credo on August 28, 2013 at 11:41 am

People, like water will look for the least amount of resistance, instead of puting in the work for themselves, they rather steal. At least they should reference the author wintin their work, that might make it a mildcompliment.

Most gratful for your response, and I hope your son finds his niche as a sports writer if that is his dream.


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By Credo on August 28, 2013 at 11:42 am

mild compliment

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By Barbara MacDonald on August 30, 2013 at 04:07 pm

Somehow my comment disappeared I think... or I forgot to submit it... so let me try this again...this is disgusting that people would sink to this level...but not surprising knowing how huge the web is ...and like life, you find good and bad on here...we all take a chance posting on line, that someone will claim it as their own...this is when copyrigths are important...

Sorry this happened to you Credo...I know it would make me feel violated ...

Years ago I had my purse stolen at a club ...and the thing that troubled me most was that they had access to looking at pictures of my children...just not okay at all...

And certainly stealing your thoughts is another form of violation...sad world we live in at times ...

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By Credo on August 30, 2013 at 09:07 pm

Barbara MacDonald It was purely by accident that I happened upon his page. At first I took it as a compliment, but when I realized that he was not referencing me but actually using my entire character I felt unnerved. Certainly not a pleasant feeing. I appreciate your concern. Thank you. Credo

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By Credo on November 09, 2013 at 06:01 pm

The new URL to examine this tomfoolery is

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