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5 Simple Ways to Save Energy in Your Household

by TonyBerkman (editor), Costa Rica, August 13, 2013

If you’re willing to be a little vigilante and use your big, smart brain, you can save a significant amount money on your household energy bills every single month.

The tips below, while basic in nature, are tried and true and will give you peace of mind knowing that not only are you sparing your bank account from another slaughter, but you’ll also feel good about giving Ma Nature a helping hand.

Energy Efficient Appliances

It’s 2013, and more people than ever are paying attention to the energy savings on that big, bright yellow sticker when shopping for appliances. Most, if not all appliances sold today offer some type of energy savings. More expensive models can offer significant energy savings that will probably pay for themselves in the long run.

You can also cut a little more energy by switching your household to laptops or tablets, instead of having desktops and monitors. You’re going to upgrade in the future anyway. It’s a little step, but adds up in the long run.

Oh, and don’t forget to turn off lights, shut the refrigerator door tight, and make sure you don’t have any appliances that suck too much “phantom” energy from the sockets. Again, it all adds up and the Universe will thank you.

Window of Opportunity

How many windows does your home have? Yes, you can count the basement ones too. Paying close attention to your windows, you can significantly reduce energy consumption. Brilliant, right? Use latex or acrylic caulk to seal your doors and windows so that you don’t waste precious energy on cooling and heating. Properly sealing your windows can save a significant amount of energy each year, so get to it!

All the curtains on your south or west facing windows ideally should remain open during the day. Let the sun shine on you. Let your home soak it up. Be sure that you close the drapes at night, though.

Save the H2O

Take a shower, not a bath, to reduce energy consumption. Obviously you can take a bath on occasion but don’t do it every day when a shower will suffice. They’ve come a long way in making amazing shower heads that are more than fulfilling. Installing water saving shower heads is another way to reduce energy consumption. So is using low flush or dual flush toilets.

Unless you’ve been out rolling in the mud all day, use cold water to wash your clothes and better yet, put them on a line to dry. Make sure the lint screen on your dryer is unclogged and always wash full loads when possible. Hey, it all adds up.

The Refrigerator

To keep the compressor of your refrigerator functioning economically and effectively, clean the coils regularly. In order to further reduce energy consumption, don’t overload the fridge as it hampers free movement of air, which causes the unit to work harder, thus using more energy.

Going Green, Literally.

Plant deciduous trees near your south, west and east facing windows and evergreen trees near your north facing windows to leverage Mother Nature for more energy savings. You would be surprised by what a little bit of strategically placed greenery can do to your cooling and heating bills. Trees help in maintaining a stable and comfortable environment – not to mention they’re nice to look at.

If you’re in the market for a new home, especially if you’re considering building, take the proper steps to implement as much green technology and reusable resources that you can. Not only will you live comfortably and save significantly more money on energy costs than your neighbor, you’ll also sleep peacefully knowing that you’re doing your part and making a real impact on the environment.

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