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What Is Involved In Getting Your Target Audience To Buy?

by Andrewspenceonline (writer), , August 07, 2013

Andrew Spence discusses what is involved in getting your target audience to buy.

Each of us are exposed to hundreds of media messages every single day, and hundreds of subtle messages of daily interactions. All of them are intended to persuade us to influence our attitudes and behaviors, although we don’t always label them as such.

We ignore some of these messages and others get through successfully. We persuade a friend to watch a movie or a co-worker to leave work a few minutes early.

We use persuasion to have things our way and this is what your target audience needs – communication that is persuasive in nature – persuasion that prompts them to buy.

There are some tested principles that will increase people’s interest in your product, and get them to look at it with your eyes. Your target audience today, irrespective of the niche you’re in, is smart – very smart.

They look for:

  • Credibility of the seller, either based on expertise or past performance.
  • Knowledge about the business.
  • Similarity with the target audience. If they think you’re like them, they think you can understand them and their situation better.

When you visit your doctor’s office after a fall and you’re in severe pain, but the doctor tells you that you’re perfectly fine, you believe him. The doctor is qualified and perhaps over a period of time, you’ve developed trust. You’re willing to take the doctor’s word because he is a credible source.

People selling vitamin supplements have elderly gentlemen promoting them, to make their audience feel they’re similar to them.


Say "Hey you!"

Whether it’s through the content your write, social media interactions, discussions on forums or comments to posts; stay away from sounding like a scripted text that sounds as if it has been prepared by someone else. People hate “radio voice.”

People like being spoken to directly.

If you’re at a busy noisy mall and suddenly you hear your name, you become alert and pay attention. Until then, you were least bothered about what’s happening around you.

You weren’t paying attention until you thought someone was talking directly to you.

It’s the same with others. The Internet is even more cluttered than the offline world. Users visit several websites, looking for products and services. They see hundreds of general messages and ignore all of them. They only get attracted to messages that speak to them directly.

That’s the reason face cream ads don’t just say, “Get smooth skin!” They now say, “Hey there, do you have rough and patchy skin? We have got the exact cream to match your skin!” People with rough and patchy skin instantly identify with this ad

This ad looks as it it’s helping the customer have a proper lunch by offering a discount. It doesn’t have the feel of an ad yet it exctly reaches Startbuck’s target audience. This is what people look for these days


To sound sincere and natural, be sincere and natural.

“Hey, it’s John. I have just started my own business selling the most amazing range of eBooks. You may enjoy some of them. Why don’t you check it out?”

Keep varying your approach depending on where you’re communicating. If you’re approaching people who are interested in network marketing, you can say, “I learned a lot from my experiences and I’m very confident the company I’m with is right for me. I think you will be impressed too.”

If you’re addressing people who you know are looking for ways to make money, they will give serious consideration to the question, “Do you think you’re worth more than you’re being paid now?”

“I can’t be sure you’ll find this appealing, but it would be great if you took a look.” This is perfect as it doesn’t make you sound over enthusiastic and you’re not forcing the person to take action. You’re leaving the decision to them.

You find your target audience who are looking to make some money by becoming entrepreneurs. To convince them to join your network marketing downline, you could say something like, “This isn’t for everyone but I think it may appeal to some of you. If you like what you see, I can help you get started. Of course, you have to make the decision.”

By doing this, you’re presenting the network marketing business opportunity from their point of view. Don’t ever make the mistake of gushing about your company and products. Your prospect is only wondering, “What’s in it for me?” You have to cater to that perspective first before going ahead and talking about your business.


You must remember that people are different. While some may be attracted to money, others will respond to the lifestyle benefits or something else. This is the reason building relationships helps. Only through building relationships do you come to know what each person’s hot button is and what motivates that person.

  • What are their dreams and goals
  • How committed are they to achieve the lifestyle they dream of
  • What are their needs
  • What do they know about your product or your business
  • How much time are they willing to allot

As you learn to listen more than you talk, you’ll hear these answers clear and loud, and this will provide you opportunities to plant seeds.

When you find people talking about how they hate their jobs or bosses, show empathy. But more than that, really do take time to understand their feelings. Talk about how few of us are happy with our work, and then hint that you got away from all that and now you’re happy with what you’re doing.

These conversations generally drift towards salaries and lifestyles. Wait for that to happen and talk about your earning and the lifestyle and freedom you enjoy.

When you hear women talking about the difficulties of finding childcare during working hours, plant the seed of home businesses.

Don’t miss any chance to letting others know of your business, but do it in a way that they feel you’re trying to help them. Keep your fingers on the hot buttons and press them when you think the time is right.


Every single person that is coming online, does so either to start a business of their own, buy a product or service or to find some information. They are all looking to fulfill a need or want. All they want to know is how something can be beneficial to them.

You must show them the benefits you can offer.

If you can do this, your children will be healthier.

You will look and feel younger.

You will be able to fulfill your financial goals.

You will be able to spend time with your children.

These are just a few examples of benefits you can show people.


Talking about what they would have to spend makes them stop and think. Being a marketer, your goal is to get them to do what you want – buy from you, join your list. Tell them that they won’t be spending any money or very little (provided that is true!)

“It won’t cost anything”

“There’s no risk involved for you”

“All you need to do is spare a minute of your time”

“Try it only once every day”

“There is a risk-free guarantee”

These statements tell the prospect that they’re not going to invest much of their time or money. People find this sort of thing attractive.


When the time comes for you to ask your target audience to buy from you, don’t hesitate to do so. If you’ve spent enough time on establishing yourself as trustworthy, ask them to take action. Once they do take action, thank them for it either through a mail or some other form of communication.

Say something like, “Great! We really appreciate it!” If you’re not sure that they have taken action, follow up and ask them, “Have you been able to visit the site?”

The Process Of Getting Your Target Audience To Buy

There are several things you can say to your target audience to get them to buy. But this involves spending time and saying different things at different stages. Initially, you’re not going to ask them to buy. You’re going to gently lead them to what you’re offering. It’s only when you’ve spent enough time with them, you ask them to take action. So there we have it, by taking these steps you should create a stronger connection, create happier long term relations and sell more to your target audience.

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