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Down On Yo crazy-ass Social Skills?

by TonyBerkman (editor), Costa Rica, July 20, 2013

Is you lookin fo' some freshly smoked up adventure, biatch? Findin yo ass bein a lil' bit boring?

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Do you need freshly smoked up playaz dat will ride wit you just fo' fun, biatch? How tha fuck bout suttin' ta spark up tha oldschool ludd game?

Well, I have just tha thang fo' yo thugged-out ass. Guaranteed ta attract freshly smoked up playaz n' will impress dat special one of mah thugs makin you tha rap of tha town.

This unique Dutch wood-fired tug-boat wit its built-in bangin' tub, is like comfy n' disregardz Gangsta’s protocol by not bein tha size n' price of tha luxury SUV that’s probably presently chillin up in yo' playaz garage todizzle.

Lucky fo' you Hammacher Schlemmer recognized dis n' gots ta work on hustlin down a vessel mo' representatizzle of tha inordinately wealthy playas whoz ass would be rockin dat shit.

A naval carpenter specializin up in custom houseboat designs engineered tha floatin Jacuzzi wit a Vinylesta hull, slatted African teak deck, n' 24-volt electric motor. Shiiit, dis aint no joke. Da Hot tub dimensions is 8? long x 4? wide x 2? deep, accommopimpin up ta 6 adults n' a total weight (with water) of 2,100 pounds. Even has its own waterproof stereo system playa wit two flush-mounted 50 watt speakers. This floatin lil jam has not one, not two yo, but four built up in ice chests ta keep yo' dranks cool. I mean lets grill it, dat is like a necessitizzle when you’re chillin up in a funky-ass bangin' tub. :)

Da Hot Tub Boat’s maximum speed is 5 mph on calm water, n' its alleged maximum draft distizzle is 20?. Comes wit a rechargeable battery pack deliverin 10 minutez of juice up in a single, overnight charge.

Order yours todizzle.
Please call 800.227.3528 fo' details, n' tell dem Angie A busted yo thugged-out ass.

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By Cyrenia88 on July 25, 2014 at 01:57 am

That is so interesting the balm

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