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Plants Do Precise Mathematical Calculations

by TonyBerkman (editor), Costa Rica, June 24, 2013

Professors Martin Howard and Alison Smith

New research reveals that to prevent starvation during the night time hours that plants perform accurate division.

How do plants learn division? That we don't know though new scientific study that's set to be published in the journal eLife show that plants precisely calculate and make adjustments based on their calculations for the appropriate amount of starch that htey need to store and consume during the evening hours. They must be accurate in their calculations of they will starve, reports

"They're actually doing maths in a simple, chemical way—that's amazing," the lead researcher tells the BBC. "It astonished us as scientists to see that." The even more amazing aspect is there is no school to attend and no division classes to pass.

However the researcher said that "this is not evidence for plant intelligence" and that "It simply suggests that plants have a mechanism designed to automatically regulate how fast they burn carbohydrates at night. Plants don't do maths voluntarily and with a purpose in mind like we do." Sounds like intelligence to me. Does this mean kids show no signs of intelligence when they divide the number of cookies in a container in order to determine how many they each can have before they've chowed them all down?

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