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Speed Dating Health Care

by Elliot K (writer), New York, June 03, 2007

Recently a friend of mine had a new baby and now she has to go thru the agonizing process of finding a pediatrician. Her medical plan has over 20 doctors to choose from in New York City alone that I suggested she invite the top 20, and have a speed dating type party only she would be picking a doctor. Each Dr. gets 3 minutes to tell you why they would be best for the infant and you make your choice based on their answers.

What questions would you ask? What information would you want to hear? Would house calls at midnight be a good enough quality? Would extended hours be the best selling point? Consider that she will be working a full time job during the week and she is alone, so her mother will be her nanny. If her new baby gets a fever in the middle of the day and there is panic, which Dr. would be the most accessible?

With so many things to consider it's a wonder that anyone can cope with this very big decision. Of course if you don't like the care you're baby is given you can always choose a new Dr. and hopefully be happy with a decsion that could last 18 years, providing you never move in all that time. Which leads to another question.

Let's say that you do relocate in the middle of this precious time to an area that is new, and you don't know the lay of the land, and now your child goes to day care because grandma lives to far away to help. Do you trust the other mother's to give you good enough advice about their Dr.? Every woman will tell you that her Dr is the best because they are biased. What should you do?

Here are a few tips. You can always call the better business bureau and get a report on each Dr.'s past. Research the Dr. thouroughly thru the AMA. Find out from the insurance company how long the Dr. has been in their network and if there have been any complaints. Finally, have a little faith in who other people use. For this I have the "5 Use Rule". If 5 people use the Dr., he or she is probably good. Any less than 5 and you're on you're own.

Good luck and happy Dr. dating.

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By Credo on January 06, 2008 at 12:50 am

Interesting and informative script, although I didn't get the abbreviation (AMA, probably because I ‘m not familiar with the acronym) Well written, I enjoyed it…


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