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LeBron James leads Miami Heat to Back-to-Back NBA Titles

by TonyBerkman (editor), Costa Rica, June 21, 2013

For basketball fans, last night's Miami victory was a joyous and downright sad occasion for numerous reasons.

For Miami, LeBron and his team were expected to win and win they did. LeBron and his supporting crew played one of their best games of the entire post-season. Anything less for the Miami Heat though would have been considered failure.

In a hard fought battle between two heavy weights, the Heat were able to take down the "never give up" San Antonio Spurs in a series that featured one of the best games in NBA Final's history. For the Spurs last night's defeat was perhaps more bitter than any other, as their Game 6 heart-breaker was likely front and center on all their minds - though one would never have known it from how they played.

Despite the loss, Coach Popovich was able to share the bright side. "What they accomplished this year is something that nobody expected. .... They showed a lot of mental toughness and a lot of good play to get where they got and I'm really proud of them." When asked what he said to his team after the game, he answered, "I told them I loved them."

MVP James rose to the occasion as Champions do. He lead HIS team to victories in games six and seven and was aptly crowned Finals MVP. For fans of the NBA this heated battle will be missed and although San Antonio fans are experiencing disappointment the Spurs delivered one of the most entertaining and nail biting performances in recent memory. Despite losing Game 6, when it was pretty much in the bag, watching a Game 7 was a treat, for Spurs fans and anyone that loves to watch athletes performing at such an incredibly high level.

Congratulations to the Miami Heat on an outstanding season and another Championship.

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2 comments on LeBron James leads Miami Heat to Back-to-Back NBA Titles

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By Coach Phatty on June 21, 2013 at 10:46 pm

Great article. First of all, I want to point out that I can'tstand the Miami Heat. When they won game 7 to capture their second NBA championship in a row, to me, it was about as exciting as a fart in a space suit....

That being said....I think games 6 and 7 were just fantastic. There was so much drama and storylines it made the contests eciting and mesmerizing (spelling?).

Anyway, I thought the whole series was excellent. The Spurs NEVER gave up and certainly didn't fold in game 7...they came ready to play. If they had made their free throws and didn'thave some silly turnovers, the game might have ended differently.

Also, even though I can't stand the Heat, I certainly do respect them and the Spurs for not only how hard they played but also how they treated each other after the series finally ended.

So, I am wit you my friend...Congratulations Miami

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By TonyBerkman on June 21, 2013 at 10:55 pm

Thanks Coach Phatty! I live in San Antonio so it's a bit of a downer to have seen them come so close and give it away in Game 6. That was pretty atypical of the Spurs though it made for more drama and like Coach Pop revealed their true greatness in Game 7, a game in which most people would have not had the heart to persevere after such a heart breaking Game 6. In some ways I was happy to get to see both teams playing again though I have mixed emotions about the outcome.

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