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How to triple your money. RIGINAL.

by riginal (writer), moe australia, May 31, 2013

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Gambling in the dark.

Are gambling machines as bad as they seem to be? NO! they're bloody worse!


Simply amazing how slot machines ('pokies' in Australia) have fingered the gambolling public's lust for instant gratification. It's not habit forming. I've never seen a habitual nun forming a clenched fist and banging the bejesus out of the strident musical vacuum cleaners in a desperate futile regurgitation attempt? More likely Jesus be their saviour.

The Phantom was arrested in Las Vegas after a heavy night of gambling. He was asked to remove his mask. The leaping lithe leotard caricature of charismatic character refused to. By the time CNN arrived the Phantom was "out of his skull." As opposed to sitting in it and drumming law-and-order into miscreant Devil worshipping villains.In short,as indeed his people are,the rippled 'righter of wrongs' should have been home feeding the Devil,instead of a Las...feeding the Vegas devil. Of course this is the stuff of imagination.

The Phantom instead sits in cross-armed chromium splendor imprint here, grimly grabbing dollar/note donations from equally grim-faced combatants hell-bent on bending the hell out of their bank balances.What the comic creators have done is allowed the installation under licence agreement of percentage I would suggest, of dumb drum beating Phantom machines paying out the usual Phantom payouts.

Skullduggery at best? Guess money soothes the fevered brow of rightiousness? The Phantom is reputed to be some 400-years-old. Some would suggest no doubt if you played the grey man for that amount of time you would possibly get your money back...or conversely your bank manager's back to the wall of his safe, in abject fear? Or would he distribute another stand alone loan which is about where i stand as a result of a person/s addiction to the tune of $140,000. I exaggerate. Thelma and Louise (to protect the innocent!) squandered roughly $8000 of that on baubles and trinkets of modern day living. Plasmas, phones, you name it. Lie upon lie. They've forced me to sell my home as a result. Something i worked my guts out for. It's only money though.Also ended my marriage.Other person currently undergoing treatment.

Anyway shit happens,back to the slots.Elvis has now entered the building.He sings some of his greatest on record hits on screen. As your dollars swivel down his hips into his cuffs.Nup,Elvis aint gonna miss out on his "hunka hunka burnin' love...thank you very much!" Elvis hasn't left the building,why would he? I have no building left but as i said,"shit happens!" So our comic book film star legends glitter and beckon the worn out sweaty fingers. The young drunken/drugged fingers of future funloving desperados. The diddling doddling pensioners who go there for company...lose their houses on the harmless cent machines. You get free sandwiches for goodness sake! Free tea and coffee from the tired workers with their fixed mixed expressions of sadness and delight as they wheel the pie and pastie tray around."Nice win..." they cluck. "Oh bad luck...i'll see you at the auction!"

Some simple examples of slot mania implosion/corrosion. Pokies used to be a bus trip to the country. Then they hit major cities.The country motels etc are going/gone bust as it was a major revenue provider. You all would have stories to tell. A guy is given a $15,000 severance package. He blew that and his life savings of $91,000. People steal from their employees for the never ending push to monetary oblivion. The Casino spokesman here commented on the suicide increase. "Yes but you have to remember more people are coming in!" Person getting help for pokie addiction watches as her 'quit' mentor blows $2000 in one night before she quit.Had to put extension rails/barbwire etc on bridge nearby Casino to stop the 'jumpers.'

Guy pulled up in ute,takes ladder off the back...climbs up and jumps.Young Chinese woman borrows $200,000 wins 2 million,loses it. Never seen again.Richest man in Australia sells off newspaper interests to further Casino ventures.A friend won $25,000. Broke in a week.I'm probably boring you shitless by now (sorry Betty B) but isn't the whole scene boring,mindless, in concept and reality at the dawn of weary button bashing? I mean the bloody sign on the machine says,"the machines will win...fool stop...ummm fullstop! Electrician came round 4 months back. Got talking about things.He told me to walk away from it all. His missus blew his business,everything,left him with 5 young boys. Still,tomorrow's another 'borrowed day'. Please don't let me put you off the slots,drinking,smoking,etc.It's all harmless dumb...ummm fun? Going out tomorrow looking at Granny Flat for me. That's racsist. What about us Gran guys? Bit of luck there'll be a 40 year old scrumptious cougar grannie in the closet...we all have secret rattles pon skeletons in there don't we? Don't lie to me...i hate liars...and that's the truth! Cheers...don't waste sand or the sandman will wash your dreams away.Sorry bout the proof reading,can't be bothered tonight.Might write a book...Life's not that bad,it's the bad people in life that i dislike...or do i? I mean without villains the Phantom and Elvis would end up in the Casino...or would they?

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