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OC al-Qaeda Member Beguiles Media with More Demands, Threats

by Charles Harmison (writer), Kauai, Hawaii, June 01, 2007


A new video from Orange County's least favorite native, Azzam al-Amriki, (formerly Adam Yehiye Gadahn, formerly Adam Pearlman), was released to the public this week and it didn't take long for the media circus to begin. Although ABC news had the jump on the competition the rest of the networks soon followed with opinions and commentary from the armies of pundits and reporters quick to spin the video toward whatever end suits their fancy.

This latest darling of the infotainment industry has accomplished his aim and become equally as infamous as the other al-Qaeda produced video stars, Ayman al-Zawarhiri, Muqtada al-Sadr, etc. That said, in the rush to scare the public with yet another Muslim radical spouting off impossible demands and threatening us with violence which in his words "will make us forget all about September 11th, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Virginia Tech"; has anyone bothered to question if this guy's threats hold any weight? Last I checked Virgina Tech had nothing to do with al-Qaeda or maybe now the terrorists are responsible for everything bad that happens post 9-11.

For Fox News' Hannity and Colmes, for example, this was a better time to bring back the two week old poll that suggested 25% of Muslim Americans supported terrorism. This is a poll that is under harsh scrutiny to say the least. Nonetheless, Hannity used this poll, amid precisely edited flashes from the Azzam video, and an expert panel on Muslim Americans, featuring Brigitte Gabriel, to prove how easily Muslims in this country could, and even are, becoming terrorists just like this Azzam. If you don't know Gabriel she's the one who's famous for stating that the terrorists believed the Democrats were their allies.

This poll is best summed up by a writer known only as Ellen in her article about the show,

Actually 26%, not the 25% Hannity erroneously reported, represents a combination of those who say suicide bombings are EVER justified (i.e. the 15% who say it’s often/sometimes justified and the 11% who say it’s rarely justified. [. . . ]only 8% of all Muslims say that such attacks are ever justified against civilian targets (implying that most of the suicide-bombing supporters do so with regard to military targets).

Without even so much as a smidgen of this data in this latest fair and balanced manipulation of reality, Grabriel stated almost slitheringly in her seductive accent that the country's "most prominent Mosques" are fostering this kind of terror. She claimed, "What they are teaching in those mosques will absolutely shock you. They are teaching to overthrow democracy, to establish Islamic governments. They are teaching hatred". She then continued to go on and on about how we should be suspicious of this threat and, in her words, "tame these radical mosques". Now one must ask oneself, who really could be teaching hatred here?

Nobody saw fit to consider that perhaps this particular Jewish born son of a 60's psychedelic rocker, turned fundamentalist radical Muslim, might, in fact, be a special circumstance. No, of course this kid is a typical example of the Muslim population in this country even though reportedly he was kicked out of his Mosque here in Orange County for fist-fighting with the other members.

Isn't using this obviously very angry and most certainly very unique individual's words to stir up fear and dissent toward the Muslim populous precisely the aim of Azzam as well as al-Qaeda? This is what Kenneth Ballen the other expert and the only seemingly sane person in the room, (Prove me wrong Colmes), was attempting to point out, before the show conveniently and mysteriously "ran out of time" and Ballen had to be cut short.

Perhaps I could continue for him here. The terrorists want nothing more than to be viewed as the authentic voice of Islam. Whether or not they deserve the banner or not. In addition they want to scare Americans into thinking that every Muslim is around the corner plotting their demise. When it scares the hell out of the public, is this not precisely the desired result of terror? The question is who wants this result more, and perhaps in this case Fox News and al-Qaeda have similar agendas.

Though the demands were quite specific from the eight minute broadcast, it still never ceases to excite these news media hacks to start frothing at the bit, seeing this young man who, only ten years ago wielded a surf board and operated a low budget cable TV show, now calling for the death of his former friends and neighbors. The American accent along with the cries for the death of "Zionist Jews" and "Zionist Christians" is far too provocative for them to pass up.

Perhaps because I have seen too many horror movies, I know now when the intent of a video I see is to scare me. It doesn't seem to rile me up to see this latest tape as anything different then what it is. An unfortunate decision taken by an angry but very limited minority of the Muslim community. Wherever they come from and whatever language they speak, it does not, nor will not ever, force me to base my life on the fear that the fundamentalist boogey-monster is coming to get me.

Perhaps this is why Fox's 24 simply nuked LA because the show and the network's ratings are lowest over here. A city full of people well-versed in the art of manipulating people with film wasn't falling for this manipulation in real life. So it wasn't worth keeping our city anymore in their fantasy world.

If we have come to the point where every little puff of air out the mouths of al-Qaeda has us clamoring with pitch forks to the closest Mosque or at least looking askance at our local convenience store clerk and later locking ourselves up in our homes afraid of the next attack, then perhaps, in fact, these colors are running just a little bit after all.

In the interest of full disclosure only, I have included the links to both of the videos mentioned in the above.

However, let it be said that watching either video is not a pleasant experience and it is not recommended by this author.

The video itself courtesy of ABC News and al-Qaeda, complete with commercial sponsorship, an irony not lost here at least:

Hannity and Colmes for the "fair" and "balanced" response:

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