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Memorial Day -- A Great Tradition That Should Be Abolished

by ranfuchs (writer), CT, USA, May 27, 2013

Credit: Jennifer (Philly Fun)
Memorial Day Parade

The parade passes flags are waved, and are heart are mostly in the wrong place

On the day we are called to remember those who died serving the country, we walk dogs in the park, enjoying the sunny weather; we get a higher, nearly ghostly, view of the world from top of ferris wheels, and we spend on hotdogs and carnival food.

This Memorial Day, more veterans will come back to homelessness and joblessness, because those who served the country have done their job, and can go away – nobody cares where, as long as it’s cheap.

This Memorial Day, more of those wounded in battle, who were not lucky enough to suffer fatal wounds, will run out of medical care and insurance, because they were injured outside US territory.

This Memorial Day, those injured in the Boston Marathon will have to find their own money to pay for new limbs – after all their insurance does not cover act of war. Let’s pray that they are reach.

This memorial day, let’s forget the dead and give the money we were planning to spend on celebrating to those who are still alive. They need it more.

If we do, maybe this Memorial Day, will turn the country to a place that those who serve it will be proud to live for, and not only die for.

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By jonpercepto on May 27, 2013 at 07:15 pm

The greatest insult of all is that Memorial Day has become the basis of commercialism, sales and barbeques. This is also true of xmas, thanksgiving and other holidays that are supposed to be to honor those who sacrificed themselves. Thanksgiving in particular marked the beginning of the destruction of indegenious populations as they brought weapons, diseases and attitudes that bring shame to our history. And how do we celebrate them, by advertising sales for all sorts of things. How insensitive.

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