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The Origin of Racism

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Categorization of the Various Races was Established by Europeans while Inventing Colonial Racism


It's a pity that Americans will always be as diversely affected, torn by the issue and judgmentally complicated on the subject of race. The terminology "racism" always seems to sprout sharp thorns and ruptured thistles of criticism flaring in the air typically like pollen takes to flight on its merry way to un-chartered grounds. *Most odd and bizarre indeed, to live in a racially based country that was established from the barn fires of Negro barbecues, overlooking the burning crosses of bigotry that was displayed on green lawns in front of wooden shacks filled with poor freshly freed slaves. That a culture of racism grew and developed from the hanging trees of slavery and the den of thievery of the Indian land from sea to dawning sea, raising a radically charged nation of children under such strong aversion to the darker race. Colonial exploits creating from all its forms of oppression the worst kind of hatred ever known to man, and yet after merely 100 years of speculated freedom I am unable to find one devout racist.

Forgiven Means to Exonerate or the Eradication of a Debt

Was slavery an illness that we have somehow found the cure for? Have we somehow broken the evil curse of racism merely by placing a man with dark skin in the highest office of the land? Simply by offering a single job of Presidency to an African many white folks expect to be psychologically excused or forgiven [To eradicate the debt] for the historical crimes of centuries of slavery, segregation, subjugation, and degradation, crimes many of which has never ceased nor has ever been judged by a just court system. Can Blacks ever get over racism and move on to the American integration process? Is it even politically correct to ask them [Blacks Americans] to get over it? But how does one get over enslavement, mass murder where blacks were brutalized, and racism still continue? Especially since Black slavery was the worst human interaction ever known to man, which continues to injure the segregated beings surname Black? keep in mind that if someone had to name you that automatically places that person over you as the leader, lord and owner of you, White slave masters named their slaves, giving them the master’s name, today the entire race was named Black by the Europeans. Not one among all nationalities can even relate to the Black experience, truly unfathomable, the generational lies that they have been told alone by the white establishment is cause enough for continual pause. On every level injustice has been imposed on the Black race from enslavement to the degrading imposition of their racial name and classification. Every generation of the Negro people their national racial identity has been altered, not by Blacks but by the white establishment. Upon coming to these shores the original slaves knew who they were, knew how to read and write their own language, and knew their own history; However after slavery they transformed (as a result of the slave laws black were legally made illiterate) into illiterate Americanized buffoons that were designated by the white slave masters to remain permanently undeveloped. This is the main reason that upon entering the public school system whites were so opposed to black children attending their schools, first because they didn’t want race mixing, they feared genetic annihilation of their recessive genealogy, they feared the rape of white females, and they feared the quality of education that their children would receive while the system began to dumb down the black race. Among all of the lies Blacks learned in their fools system, that Christopher Columbus discovered America, that the Indians were savages, that Black people have achieved equality in America simply because their is a Black President in office, that America was an integrated society fully vested in equality. How do we know these teachings were lies? Because the country is named America [after Amerigo Vespucci who was in the land before old Chris] not Columbus, millions of natives were already in the land, Indians built roads, wrote and spoke a cultured language, built pyramids in Mexico, designed intricate jewelry and pottery, weaved stylish rugs and teepees, braided their hair, used herbs for medicine and healing, hunted on the open prairie and knew and taught the white man about agriculture before the white man came to the land, so we understood that these people were not crazed savages (the art of scalping was learned by the Indians, from white soldiers who used it as proof of a kill, they generally decapitated the head or took the scalp of a wanted individual back to the queen or to their leaders to prove that their mission of assassination was completed. Whites also sold the scalps of many Indians long before Indians started scalping folks); When we see the profiling of young Black men every day, police brutality in the newspaper in black communities or on the streets of America, police massacres of defenseless Black men [fifty bullets fired at an unarmed Black youth Sean Bell] with no penalties brought to bare, the systematic mistreatment of Blacks in the judicial system, the constant disrespect of the Black culture in the media, and then the general exploitation of Black people it is clear that equality for Black people has never been achieved. Statistically it is more likely for a Black man who murders a white man to receive the death penalty in America than it is for a white man who murdered a Black man. It is more likely for a Black man to go to jail for a longer term than it would be for a white man, each committing the same crime. Furthermore it is more likely for Black youth to be shot and killed by police simply for playing in front of their own home than it is for their American white counter parts. Therefore Blacks continue to cry out, to complain to play the victim card [the Black cards have been dealt by the White American system] it is the dredged hand that they have been dealt, that they have reserved to play to a system that is unjust, yet they must subsist within it {the fixed system}.

“Why Can’t We All Just Get Along”

Rodney King

If you ever want to discover if you’re a racist or not try applying the statements that you make about the Black race and about their holocaust to that of the Jewish people, and if you are apprehensive about making those same claims against the Jewish community then you’re probably a racist. No one ever mentions the race, color or racial classification of the Jewish persona, Jewish profiling by police has never been seen, they never question their motives when the Jewish people cry "VICTIM" ( scream Anti-Semite) when they feel that someone mistreated them, and they certainly never try to tell the Jews how they have progressed because the evidence shows that they currently have Jewish politicians in government offices, while figuring that should mean that the Jews should be quiet about the Jewish holocaust. NO! You wouldn't say those things to the Jews, why (long drawn out whyyy) you would be considered a racist if you did, you would be branded an Anti-Semite, an outspoken hater of the Jewish people and some would say rightly so. Try telling the Jews not to play the race card, or the religious card, try telling them not to complain or play the victim card; telling them to shut up about the Jewish holocaust card. Why don't they do that? Why haven't they monitored the Jewish meetings, invaded the Jewish schools or caused them to mix in with the public school system as they have done Blacks?

If the color of ones skin was of no consequence in America then how would one say on the one hand "You have a Black President", and apply that eminence of fame, riches and equality to the entire Black race, while on the other hand say that Blacks should not mention their race when winning an award, that they should not engage in racial pride by stating that someone is a benefit to their own race, as if they are applying their own form of racism against themselves, it was as though you understood that Blacks emotionally needed your imperial white guidance or permission to do so (to vent, complain, to understand that they still live under a victimized culture straddled by their tormentors).

Having survived under such retched conditions for over 400 years Blacks exist under a state of mental compression and deep psychological depression. {Stockholm syndrome: due to psychological slavery Blacks have acquired over 400 years of chattel slavery post traumatic symptoms from physical and mental indoctrination} these symptoms must be examined and vocalized by Blacks as a means of exploratory analysis for repair or self improvements.. Obviously it will remain impossible for someone so ingrained in mental discomfort to simply not complain when they are in so much pain, when there is so must memorable insanity lurking beneath their minds breast. But the concern is not for the health of the Black nation, when they say that Blacks should just “get over it”, or that they “should not play the victim”, or better yet that “they should go back to where the came from”. No! The white concern is that Blacks should not remember the evil that has been done to their ancestors and the evil that continues to be done to them, that they should not recall the grand miseries that has lead them to the stagnated society that they have become so familiar with and currently find themselves living under today.

I have never heard of anyone complaining about Blacks being criticized and herald as a disgrace to their race, it is certainly difficult to remain silent in the face of someone bashing Blacks for having racial pride or screaming out when they have been hurt by society, abused and crushed in so many ways. American life is highly interesting because it professes the tenants of freedom, of speech and the pursuit of happiness, the love of God, and constitutional principals for all its citizens, yet they have isolated from themselves the most oppressed of their society by disenfranchising those same constitutional acronyms when it concerns the Negro people. What may I ask constitutes a victim? Victim is a person harmed, injured, or killed as a result of a crime, accident or other event or action. It is a living creature killed as a result of a religious sacrifice. Victim is a person who is tricked or duped, the victim of a hoax. Should Blacks forget that during slavery and over 100 years after slavery Black babies were kidnapped from their families by Klansmen and many others who profoundly hated them, using thousands of these babies as live alligator bait, as a human satanic sacrifice, for blood rituals, holding them by their feet and bashing babies against the rocks, they were regularly murdered out of pure hatred for the so called Black race. Blacks have always been monitored by the white race, it was unlawful for Blacks to congregate together especially in private, therefore their religious and social meetings are made public and their complaints are made public as well. This condition has opened to the general public a foreign voice in the Black community that has no right to voice such outside opinions about Black society when they neither relate to the Black experience nor comprehend the psychological predicament of the Black culture. Being President (although having Black skin doesn't make Obama a Negro he is African and not one of the people enslaved in America) , even if you chose to evaluate the advancements of equality and the end of racism for the whole of Black society because a Black face is placed in a perceived position of white authority (The very analysis in its deformity is a highly racist assumption, due to Obama's perceived success his finite position the Presidency) couldn't prove the eradication of hatred, racism, prejudice, bigotry, or white on Black injustice in America. Thus the staged equality of the Negro people has never been achieved on American soil, no such authority nor would a single position grant such universal salvation. It (The Presidency of black skin) did not prevent Black poverty, it hasn't abandoned the scheme of police brutality or racial profiling that is attested to all around the country. You want silence [Blacks should not complain, that’s what not being a victim means to not complain] merely because you gave them one Black token in a single position (the position or job of the President) while thousands of Blacks are being mistreated, imprisoned, killed, ostracized among society, unjustly ruled by a system that has never released its slaves from the prisons of their dredged plantations. Unfortunately whites continue to see Blacks like the racist of old saw them, saying ''they all look alike'' "I can't tell one from the other' because you believe the equality and equitable treatment of the entire Black race was achieved because a social liberty was given to one Black skin man (the act of holding a single job is enough to substantiate Black freedom for the entire Black race); The lie told to Black Americans was, that you have finally made it to the station of inclusion in American society when in fact they didn't make it, setting aside excusing the Obama conspiracy of being considered a Negro American, Black Americans still have never been President; {Merely the idea of having a negro slave ancestry for president is toying with the minds of Blacks to appease them is in affect.} You know the difference don't you; those people who were made slaves have never straddled the bench of the chief office in the most racist country in the world. Oh yes Obama has become president but having Black skin color doesn't make a person of the same nationality as the Black American people he was never a slave in America and it is not he whom America must repay or prove their words of liberty is truth for all. Secondly Africa is not a country it is a continent with many countries within its boarders, thus white Americans assume once again to have the authority to delegate your nationality, your leaders and your kinsmen. There are many dark skinned nations living in the continent of Africa, only a racist would assume that they are all related.

Mass confusion began when Blacks were told by their slave masters that they were Africans during slavery; Strange that after Blacks have been living in the earth for trillions of years someone had to tell them who they are, whites kidnapped them, enslaved them and than had to teach them their own nationality, that story seems highly defective especially since we saw roots the movie when they beat kunta kenta, forcing him to change his name [to Toby], his cultural moray and social norms were altered. After forcing him to deny truth, to lie about everything why would they then turn around and tell him the truth? Is it the truth that the Black slave is African brought here as slaves, sold by their own people? Or is it the cover story they used to cover a lie of colossal proportions, a lie that has been told to millions of people for hundreds of years. Are Blacks now expected to be quiet about this dilemma, this shortness of memory, a lack of nationality and historic reality within the Black race? Since you purport to claim universal equality for the whole Black race simply because one man with Black skin having the appearance of freedom and equality, then you probably will be the same person who will condemn the entire Black race when the economy collapses blaming all Blacks because Obama a Black skinned individual was in office as President at the time of its failure, even though the economy was in decline long before Obama was President.

The Invention and Ideology of Race

Prior to slavery race was never an issue of any universal consequence, people were known for the tribe that they came from and their born nationality, it was never about the color of someone’s skin. Colonial expansion headed by the British required the scientific explanation and Categorization of each nationality, this process by way of the so called scientific means (the classification of the various races has never been a scientific study it was a political agenda to place the European nation as the leading nation in every category) began in Germany, a movement traveling throughout Europe and was finally completed in the Americas. White and Black as a racial category is strictly an American invention with racism trailing close behind its dirty dragging coat tails.

Traditionally all of the racial names which socially identifies the slaves that was brought to America are fictitious labels that was cast by the white establishment for the purpose of hiding their true identity while creating a 14th Amendment slave [citizen]. These manufactured names of racial identity included Colored people, Negros, Afro Americans, African Americans, Black Americans, Blacks, thus revealing the continued servitude and refrigerant status of the slaves. This ongoing issue of false identity and embellished labeling of the slaves has frozen the views, the opinions and the frustrations of the people who are victimized by this criminal dilemma.

Historical Race Concept

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

"During the Age of Enlightenment, Europeans tried to define race as a biological concept, in keeping with their scientific ideas. In the centuries that followed, scholars made attempts to classify and define racial types, and to determine racial origins and correlates. As forensic anthropologists, biomedical researchers, and other scholars have collected and analyzed data on individuals and populations, some maintain that race denotes scientifically practical distinctions.

Early Modern period

The word "race," along with many of the ideas now associated with the term were products of European imperialism and colonization during the age of exploration. (Smedley 1999) As Europeans encountered people from different parts of the world, they speculated about the physical, social, and cultural differences among various human groups, which marked the early stages of the development of science. Scientists, who were interested in natural history, including biological and geological scientists, were known as “naturalists”. They would collect, examine, describe, and arrange data from their explorations into categories according to certain criteria. People who were particularly skilled at organizing specific sets of data in a logically and comprehensive fashion were known as classifiers and systematists. This process was a new trend in science that served to help answer fundamental questions by collecting and organizing materials for systematic study, also known as taxonomy. As the study of natural history grew, so did society’s effort to classify human groups. Some zoologists and scientists wondered what made humans different than animals in the primate family. Furthermore, they contemplated whether Homo sapiens should be classified as one species with multiple varieties or separate species. In the 16th and 17th century, scientists attempted to classify Homo sapiens based on a geographic arrangement of human populations based on skin color, others simply on geographic location, shape, stature, food habits, and other distinguishing characteristics. Occasionally the term “race” was used but most of the early taxonomist used classificatory terms such as “peoples,” “nations,” “types,” “varieties,” and “specie"

According to the constitutional laws that are in place blacks are 12 percent of the population which makes them the minority. The minority will never be able to restrain the majority in any unjust society; therefore it is the responsibility of the majority to maintain and support the minority, to ensure that they are treated fairly, to bring about equality thus creating and establishing a just society. If this is not the desired purpose of freedom, setting millions of black slaves free from the tortured dungeons of slavery releasing them into a non economic emancipation, although illiterate souls they were skilled workers without shelter, money, or jobs (after slavery black slaves were the only skilled workers of America, whites created unions to prevent blacks from taking all the jobs) and surrounded in the land on all sides by enemies who loathed them sorely, under such circumstances how else did folks expect the black nation to turn out. They de-evolved, and filtered down to the disenfranchised, dysfunctional community that has no focused agenda or visionary expectation for its own future.

The harsh reality is that the poor the down trodden the people of color are still being abused in this society, that means that they will not be able to accommodate white ears nor their fears because occasionally you will hear black cries when they are injured, tears will be displayed, and the card of victim will be played without excuse if it means the difference of not being considered, repaired or being heard.

Self Appointed as the Highest People on Earth in All areas of Life

How did a people {Europeans of the colonial era} who saw themselves more superior, more intelligent, more religious and more civilized than any other nation, engage in such barbaric behavior for centuries, To be more superior, more intelligent, more religious and more civilized than any other nation, acting in the capacity as servants of God and yet working all manor of acts that anyone would deem acts of the devil. How does one reconcile that conflicting behavior? The shame of the atrocity of enslaving and entire people in the most barbaric methods ever devised on earth, with such contempt and hatred for the poor souls whose skin color was merely an incidental and miniscule thought. Europeans have never been able to deal with their own sins due to the vast infection of cognitive dissonance (the mental processing of conflicting information to appease ones own conscience) hence the reason for their civil ploy that blacks shouldn’t complain nor play the victim, or race card. They {Europeans}however subtle have employed a societal restrain on people of color in a silent effort to shut down a conversation about slavery that will never cease to be heard, because it is a discussion that is long over due and it will not halt to appease white dissonance, you can not stop the massive bleeding of the historical wounds that have hemorrhaged for so long, wounds that have eviscerated the culture and nature of the people who has brought to the world the use of language, the written word, agriculture, architecture, medical science etc. etc. etc.

Emancipation was never meant as a safe haven for black slaves, it was never supposed to be a place of refuge against the enslavement of the Negro people but is was a correspondence of pacification to cause blacks to have empathy for the cause of the union army, while at the same time it was a declaration of the confiscation of private property {that property being black slaves} of the white southern slave masters to recklessly cause them to join the Union. After the official end of slavery blacks still couldn’t move around the country to other parts of the nation, because there were many state laws that prevented them from entering those states. Besides the threats that they received at the boarders they were generally killed as a means to chase them away and to produce panic and fear in black people. Inevitably blacks had to return to their old slave masters, to familiar surroundings of grave memories to continue to work for their master for room and board, bad food, and the harsh treatment of their former stay as slaves.

After understanding what has occurred during the era of madness, after seeing the films and hearing the horrid stories, witnessing the devastation of death and torture in pictographs of the historic and global movement of the infamous black chattel slave trade, whites who still harbor issues about slavery deep within their subconscious will say to blacks on the fly “get over it stop being the victim” thus still they (the ancestors of the predators and in some cases many of today’s whites are still predators against the Black race) play the leading role in attempting to tell the victim (Blacks are not acquiescent to victim-hood, yet it remains true that white society continues to victimize the black race) how they should believe, react, assimilate history and except the poor treatment given them by the rest of white society without complaint or public out cry. Subsequently it is alright (in the minds of White America) that innocent blacks are shot down daily in the streets of America like creatures that was worth less than animals (Racism is a hidden commodity in society today, even in movies a black man would get killed in a terrifying way and his white companion would discover the body and would appear grief stricken when suddenly his dog enters the scene with a few bruises, limping from the altercation, from the struggle that occurred during the murder; and the white so call non racist friend would suddenly become outraged with the blood of revenge dripping from his eyes that he would embark on a vigilante campaign to kill all the people involved with the injuring of his dog. (three fifths of a human being). Black slavery was the beginning of the black holocaust, which ultimately continues due to white racism that Europeans invented and embraced, however it is the only holocaust where there are no monoliths which record the memorial history of such a struggle and devastation, it was the only Holocaust that contained so much guilt around it that merely saying the word slavery in mixed company could bring about some discord or back lash. How could so many people throughout black history have died so horribly without a memorial of some kind? You see everyone else who experienced slavery has a memorial except the black race, everyone else who experienced racism was offered and given an apology and reparations, everyone else had found some form of resolve within their plight as a result of these global declarations of empathy except Blacks. Yet they all wish that blacks would just go away, be quiet, stop complaining, while the deafening of these outcries continues to grow in volume, it is today like a ultra sonic sound that no one can hear. So the cries will continue for I will teach my children what has happen even though the truth is not taught in schools, I will teach them to teach their children to teach the future children until our cries have been heard and answered. Blacks no long stand on line at the “have patience” parade because their complaints are real, their frustrations are eminent and their struggles and the black holocaust is constant.

Should ever the truth be bridled & ridden by those who desire to mount a broken horse, a corrupt history? They require of truth a delicate song to entertain themselves with falsehood, to appease their guilt ridden subconscious they challenge the courier who brought forth the harsh realities of their societal injuries. Should a rape VICTIM not complain, not respond to her conspiratorial perpetrators, especially if she has never received emotional council-ing? Should she be publicly flogged or verbally bashed if she cries that she was raped, or emotionally vents due to her ongoing trauma & pain? Would we ever say that she is playing the victim card, and that there are lots of women in government positions today, so get over it, stop winning and complaining? Who should be allowed to complain, to play the race card, to play the victim if not those who have been victimized the most? Slavery is hypothetically equivalent to rape while racism is hypothetically equivalent to the on going abuse that rape victims generally experience by society, by heckling and suspicions of her virginal credibility. So what we have here is a failure to communicate, where race relationship strains of communication has lost its bravado.

Dr. Joy DeGruy - Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome

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By Credo on July 30, 2013 at 02:37 pm

Dr. Joy Degruy video on you tube check it out, my accessory theme to this article


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By Credo on January 30, 2014 at 09:03 pm

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By Stark on May 20, 2015 at 12:04 pm

So the cries will continue for I will teach my children what has happen even though the truth is not taught in schools, I will teach them to teach their children to teach the future children until our cries have been heard and answered. - everyone should follow this advice with their children. This should apply to everyone, not just the parents of the African American decent. I am still surprised that this is such a big issue, just because America consists mostly of immigrants. All of these people know how hard it is to stand up for themselves and instead of helping they form gangs. I like when places like bring together different nationalities and help them to work towards one goal. This is really what is missing from our country, if everyone would be working towards one goal, we would all live like one big happy family.

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