Friday, February 22, 2019

See the World from Your Dog's Perspective

Credit: Sony Japan
AKA-DM1 Sony's Action Cam Dog Mount

Strap on this handy harness and place your Action Cam into the mount and you'll start to experience life from your dog's point of view.

Sony's Action Cam comes with integrated Wi-Fi, slo-mo modes and waterproof casing. It's anamazing an piece of equipment though what I've always thought was missing from this Action Cam is the ability to see the world from my dog's point of view.

Well, it seems as if someone agrees. Sony's Action Cam, thanks to the soon to be released AKA-DM1, will enable you to mount the Action Cam to your dogs' back and truly see action through your dog's point of view. Clearly for the curious dog owner, the AKA-DM! is a harness that hooks over and then around the dog's body and has a mount for the Action Cam on top.

The AKA-DM1's harness is adjustable and suits only certain sized dogs. Your dog has to weigh more than 15 kg (x2.2 to get lbs) and have a circumference of between 50 and 80 cm.

AKA-DM1 will launch on April 26 in Japan and you can purchase one for ¥5,250 (US$54). For now only Japanese dog owners will enjoy the thrill of understganding more of their pooches world as Sony Japan as not announced when the AKA-DM1 will be available in other countries. Perhaps this will provide the world with an entirely new way of seeing Japan.

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