Friday, February 22, 2019

The Madness and Malice of Bombers

Investigator released pictures of two suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing on Thursday.
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A stream of thoughts on the hideous act of terrorism on Patriot's Day at the Boston Marathon. Now is the time for resolute, rational, relentless pursuit of evidence, understanding and justice.

Bombs are rankling malice given ferocious execution.

Obscenely they pervert technical ingenuity into malignant insanity.

Stealthy, assassins who slay without caring whose lives they steal

Turing satisfaction, hopes, and triumphs into sorrows, horrors, and tragedies

Only cruel, craven rouges bomb people celebrating community spirit.

Neither torturous logic nor grotesque posturing mitigates this atrocity!

Much time and energy will now be expended by trained investigators.

All possibilities will be evaluated and no stone will go unturned.

Resolute professionals rush to diligently engage in exhaustive study.

Analysis, not paralysis is the order the moment; let it unfold.

The mill of justice will grind exceedingly fine, but it will grind.

Overcome any urge to leap to conclusions or rashly blame anyone.

Now let justice be done though the heavens tremble and hysteria howls!

Bombers are villains not heroes; they kill indiscriminately with stealth.

Only people without honor maim and murder children and bystanders.

Malice is nourished by and grows in the toxic brews of madness.

Beware any rush to judgment; stereotypes are no substitute for facts.

Examine evidence; mull reports and suggestions rigorously.

Resist pressures to leap to conclusions; pounce when evidence dictates.

Scour the ether and the earth; never relent; spare no expense or effort.

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