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Are Elections and Appointments in India, caste based?

What if India wins a cricket match against Pakistan, or if Sachin Tandulkar did a century in Cricket, would it help in alleviating poverty and underdevelopment of India.

Former Justice of Supreme Court of India and present Chairman of Press Council of India Mr.Markendeya Katju once again attacked the evils prevalent in the Indian Law making, law executing and law adjudicating bodies and the irresponsible role being played by media in the country. Speaking in the two day National Seminar on “New Channels: Morality and Reality” held by a South Indian state University at Hyderabad, on 6 April, Mr.Katju said 90% of Indians vote like cattle and sheep in electing their Legislative representatives, based their loyalties on caste and religion but not on the merit of the candidate by distinguishing who is right and who is wrong person, that is why ‘you have so many unlawful persons being elected to law making bodies’. Mr.Katju’s one of the rare Judges who has the habit of exposing the evils prevalent in the system in unequivocal words, whose comments are not getting digested to some quarters of bigwigs in India.

Next, exposing the unethical and foolish trends prevalent in the country’s electronic and print media he said Indian media is more interested in searching news like Aiswarya Roy’s pregnancy, Karishma Kapoor’s love affairs as big news rather than showing practical and constructive solutions to country’s socio-political problems and deceiving the public. “What if India wins a cricket match against Pakistan, or if Sachin Tandulkar did a century in Cricket, would it help in alleviating poverty in India. Does it not amount duping the public, if anti-people policies are adopted” he questioned. “Every second child in India is suffering from lack of nutritious food, and Somalia is better than India in this aspect” he opined.

Turning his fingers towards Judiciary he said when I was practicing as advocate in Allahabad High Court, in the Advocates Association elections, the Advocates used to elect the contestents on the basis of their respective castes. Similarly in the Allahabad University for some Departments only particular caste teachers were appointed as Heads of the Departments. Similarly in the States politics even today, the voting will be done on the basis of caste and religion. 90% of people in India lead their lives based on superstitions and astrology; hence poverty and underdevelopment are ruling the nation. Nobody would respect the nation that is suffering from poverty and underdevelopment. Even though India is bigger than England, but it has no seat in Security Council as a result of the said two factors.

Katju seems to have made these comments with agony towards unchanging evil trends and mind set up of large section of people. By dchaitanya

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