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Not Your Daddy’s Turtlewax

Credit: Mitchell & King’s
Mitchell & King’s Luxurious Car Wax

This grandiose product guarantees up to 4 months of protection and offers a highly unique interaction when applying.

Have you ever wondered what kind of car wax, owners of of super-cars like Porsche,McLaren, Rolls Royce, Ferrari, Aston Martin, and Lamborghini use to keep their cars looking spanking new? It probably hasn’t crossed your mind, though the story behind “the wax” used by owners of the finest cars in the world is quite a fascinating one.


These cars get their shine from? (a) Turtlewax? No! (b) The “original” paste car-wax that your dad may have used in the good ‘ole days? Wrong. (c) The wax sold at your car dealer for $50 to $60? Sorry, wrong again.

The car wax preferred by the world’s leading car connoisseurs, to optimize the beauty of their ultra-luxurious cars, comes from a boutique, Scottish enterprise named Mitchell & King that specializes in exotic and bespoke car care.

And, if you think, like I did – “come on, give me a break, this is just car wax”, then you’re mistaken. Mitchell & King’s car waxes truly are the best in the world. One need not look further than their pedigree. Mitchell & King creates bespoke waxes on a daily basis that include their “Mason” wax, blended for the owner of a “Mason Black” Bentley, the wax for the Aston Martin’s featured in the filming of Quantum Of Solace, a bespoke wax for Lamborghini London, a bespoke wax for Porsche South Africa, a bespoke car-care range for Singer Vehicles and an exclusive car wax designed for Zonda owners, the first car wax with flecks of glitter, and now they have announced production of the most expensive car wax in the world.


Ok, I admit, here’s where things become slightly crazy for non-car connoisseurs. It’s well established that Mitchell & King has solidified its position as the top of the market, car-care supplies manufacturing company. They truly care about making rides look incredible. Though at what price would a car wax seem unreasonable to even the most elite car connoisseur?

Mitchell & King is going to discover the answer as they have blended a car wax for goldRush Rally ™ and have released one for sale. According to the company, “goldRush Rally ™ is the ultimate luxury lifestyle car rally and Mitchell and King blend the most luxurious car wax.” The goldRush Rally ™ wax is milled from the finest grade Titanium and coated with 24ct Gold.

The enclosure for GRV is a work of art in its own right. After 24ct plating the company encrusts the surface with Swarovski, and add 10 x 0.5 Carat, F Colour, VS2, brilliant round cut diamonds. This wax boasts a gold shimmer and is designed for the person that wants to use the most luxurious wax the world has ever seen.

This grandiose product guarantees up to 4 months of protection and offers a highly unique interaction when applying.

Being that it is nicely enclosed and presented in a 24ct Gold Plated jar I expect the interaction to offer the most up-lifting and in fact, even sexy experience.

How much for the experience? I dare not say.

The goldRush Rally Collection includes

• 250ml of GRV Shampoo

• 100ml of GRV Scent

• goldRush Rally Wax

• 10 x Real Diamonds on enclosure

• 2 x Bespoke 24ct Gold Rings (Male or Female)

This article was originally written on La Luxore.

*BTW - Care to take a guess on what this product sells for?

I'll give you a hint. Probably more then what it would cost if you were to have filled it with gold dust.

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