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Amber with the magnetic voice.riginal.

by riginal (writer), moe australia, April 08, 2013

True love may be just round the corner. But if it's not there's a heap more corners.


This story is romance. It's for women only. The story is based on a young lady I know who can't stop reproaching her reason for her being.

Amber stared at herself in the mirror for the umpteenth time,twisting turning,posturing pouting-sighed. Ignoring her mum's pleas for the umpteenth time. "Amber you'll be late for work lass." "Mum! I'm fat and ugly." "Who says so Amber?" The pretty 20 year old brandished an admonishing nail bitten finger at her ample reflection in the full length mirror. "That ugly fat simile in the mirror says so,that's who!" wailed Amber thumping her reflection, "and the mirror agrees." "A mirror is an inanimate object dear." "Ditto me mum."

Amber's mum thrust her daughter's handbag in her protesting hands. Pushed her gently towards the front door. "You're pretty, you're smart, wonderful sense of humour, you have a beautiful husky voice."

"Yeah mum so does a Husky dog,woof! woof! It's the only wolf whistle I'll ever get." Her mother burst out laughing, kissed her daughter, pushed her out into the busy street. Laughed again at the sight of her daughter slouching and lifting one leg as she trounced down the street towards the bus stop with two mocking 'paws' up. "Whoof! whoof! whoof!" She waved to her widowed giggling mum.

Two school girls sitting in the smog- stained bus waved to Amber as she paid, had a mock wrestle with the bus driver for the steering wheel. Harry grimaced and grinned,"that's illegal Amber." "Yeah Dirty Harry,so am I." She placed a 'hand' gun to the driver's temple. Several commuters shook their heads in amusement ,a brief respite, then back to their daily "tch!...tch!...tch!" headlines of their fresh print smelling papers blaring 'Pollution a major problem. Ice caps melt'. The tired diesel engine coughing plumes of black smoke intermittently between gear changes. A homeless man slumped on a sidewalk bench gags a cocktail of pungent settling bus fume residue,cheap booze,strangled cigarette the bus lumbers past. He shivers under his thin 'doona' blanket of yesterday's trumpeting headlines. 'Homelessness A Major Problem.'

Amber sat at her desk at the flourishing law firm.'Strate Talk.' Personal secretary to her recently divorced digit wandering boss. She was handpicked by Bill Strate's wife over some other less qualified very attractive women who applied. Strate's wife waved a finger at her husband. "She's got the qualifications, heads down type of girl, lovely personality, hire her NOW!"

Amber told her mum that she was hired because Strate's cunning wife knew Amber wasn't a threat, and knew her work by rote, unlike the young go-getting typist who used to spend an inordinate amount of time with Mr Strate. As Amber remarked one tea time to her mum after Strate's divorce. She knew her work so well by root mum..." Her mum blushed, trying to keep a straight face." "Amber I won't have that in here!"

"Well mum" Amber stabbed a potatoe as her smirking mother raised a glass of wine to her lips "if she had of made the same rearmark to Mr Strate's willy and kept her head down typing instead of trying to muzzle his errant knob she'd still have her job." "AMBER!" The widow spluttered wine on the table, rose up, embraced her daughter cackling and gagging..."what man wouldn't want you?" "Weell mum...Mr. Strate. Thank God. Otherwise I would have been woman misses Strate... out the door!"

Amber allowed a self compliment as she checked her lipstick. Begrudgingly admitting to herself that she did possess a great sense of humour, a magnetic husky voice. The type of voice that attracted and captivated lonely men and voyeurs. A wayward thought interrupted her meandering. Maybe Amber you should start a "dial a sexy voice" company. After all they can't see you! A sobering mental backhander. Naah bunch of desperate lonely guys massaging their dreams and genitalia. Shit! Anyway I've got my cat and my romance dvds. Maybe one day Mr. Right will leap out of the plasma...shit girl get a grip!

Strate's voice gripped Amber back to reality, she automatically opened his appointment book. "Amber what time is that new client coming in?" "One hour sir, I left a STICKY note on your desk (she grinned to herself). He's a Mr Robert Sting sir, you spoke with the gentleman last Monday 3.30 pm." The head honcho put a flabby arm on his secretary's shoulder. "You're a mind reader Amber so damn efficient, the client's wealthy, he builds skyscrapers we're doing some contracts, insurance. It's big bucks...might have to bring you a bit closer in with him. "Yes sir."

Strate walked off whistling. Amber thought, bloody hell another old lecher wanting to get in close.The other four typists grinned as Amber performed an exaggerated sexy swish to the coffee machine. They all liked the plump pretty senior secretary with the razor wit, besides, they could afford to be generous she was no threat. A notification from the downstairs foyer had the normally unflappable Bill Strate flapping out the door excitedly. "Back shortly Amber Robert has arrived." "Yes sir." After Strate flapped/waddled through, Amber chortled in a deep sexy voice, "back shortly Amber...get yer stockings down!" The room erupted.

The solid oak door with its expensive solid brass handles and expensive engraved nameplate opened slowly. Robert Sting stood there! A replica of a young Robert Redford, maybe 34, every woman's nightmare of the unreachable if she was unhappily married. Every single woman's dream of manly utopia. As if in unison the women in the office raised their skirts 4" higher over their shapely toned tanned legs. Bruce, the young office paper coffee cup collector, apprentice lawyer, straightened his tie and kinked his wrist. Amber eclipsed them all. She slid off her chair until her feet jammed solid under her desk. In a semi faint-hearted "I love you! I don't care who you murdered you're not guilty I forgive you" inner speech.

Bill ushered the young client into his office. Laughter. Amber tried a third shade of lipstick. The women hitched their skirts higher. Bruce was drooling over the water cooler. The two men emerged. "Amber I'd like you to meet our new client Richard Sting." Amber took the strong hand, using it as a support for her buckling knees. "I'm so stung to meet you Mr Sting." Robert laughed softly, his expensive aftershave bathed and numbed Amber's rational response. The client adjusted his dark glasses.

"Wow! what a magnetic husky voice...and you're funny...I like that. Bill here has given me permission to possess you for the rest of the day to go over some broad spectrum details." Amber stuttered. "Possess me? please...ddaze me...detail at your ppleasure...I mean..." Robert grinned ignored the background titters. Outstretched his arm to the stuttering woman. "We are going to get on just fine methinks...I just love that voice!" "Amber..." I wan't you to be available to Robert 24/7 regarding contractual detailing insurance certification etc that understood? Are you okay Amber?" "I'll do my best to service Mr Sting sir." As the two walked out the door Bruce spat out, "lucky bitch." Catty Cath with the chipped " talon filed casually, "unlucky bitch more likely."

Robert gave the stretched limo driver an address. The Mercedes slid silently away. Amber started to slide down the highly polished leather seat. Amber's mum opened the door at 9pm. Amber stood their crying, she embraced her mum. "Amber I was so worried, did you work back? Why didn't you ring? Where have you been love?" "Amber blurted out "just lost my heart mum, the most handsome man...we were supposed to go to a building site to view contracts. He just wanted to talk to ME mum, he said he loved my voice and how funny I am. Someone who likes me! We just sat in a park...walked through the streets. I'll die mum when or if he signs off on some contracts and leaves town...I'll just die!" If only I didn't eat so much out of boredom, my figure...I'm ugly."

Three weeks went by. "Wow Amber you're losing a bit of weight? A new love perchance? Out power strolling with Robert Redford? Bruce flicked a wrist plonked down on Amber's desk. "No one eats when they're in love." Fixed wry smiles. Before the embarrassed secretary could answer Bill Strate burst in. "Bruce have you got something to do?" Bruce vamped off.

"Amber! a word in my office NOW!" Ears pricked. Bruce wiped the overwiped 'eavesdropping point' situated next to the statue of 'the thinker' near the office door. "Amber these past few weeks have produced nothing. You've been seen all over town holding Robert's hand. I didn't ask you to marry him...we need the contracts signed...I'm running a business not a dinner dance dating club...I'm afraid I'm going to have to take you off..." Strate's mobile rang.

"Yes sir Mr Sting, will do, understand you've been preoccupied. Sorry about that...I'll pass that on sir...yes...will do...and thank you" Strate let out a triumphant yell. "YES!" Wrenched open his office door. Bruce sprawled in. The excited boss grabbed Amber stepped over Bruce. Propelling the reluctant Amber to the centre of the room. "She did it!" " he kissed her, "Amber, Robert has asked for an overall contract to sign with you as the nominated person in charge of the whole shebang...he's signing today! Is this one great lady...round of applause!" Everyone applauded except Bruce.

"Did he scratch your back Amber?" Amber retorted,"Not as much as you wank off over him Bruce!" The office fell about. The boss ignored Bruce. "Nearly forgot Amber, Robert's got something important on and he's flying out straight after the go-ahead contract is signed. Amber take the rest of the day off" Strate looked at his watch,"only two hours to go,the hell with it, down the shout, (cheers) come on Amber. "Amber smiled bleakly, "umm I'll give it a miss Mr a few things to do." Cath brushed passed,"never mind Am win some lose some."

Amber sat in the kitchen."We got the he's gone." Robert's mobile was switched off. It was eight oclock. "Mum he was the most wonderful lover, the kindest most wonderful gentle man I've ever known." she picked up her cat and patted it slowly. Her mother put her arm around her devastated daughter. "Actually dear apart from the cat he's the only other one you've been with company wise. Men are strange creatures love, and as far as love goes some verge on the wandering animal side. You've lost some weight and you look a treat...there will be others. Remember the good times. You'll get over him.

"Mum! how can you say that?" Amber slammed the door of her room, collapsed on the bed. A gentle knock on her door. "You okay Am? I'm going to get a pizza delivered. Special treat for your contract success...I'm so proud of you girl." "Go away mum...please."

The pizza man knocked at the front door, the driver sat in the van. "Will you get the door dear I'm nearly in the bath." The pizza man knocked louder and louder. Amber walked to the door opened it, the pizza man turned his back and started to walk away. "Hey you idiot I'm here...HELLO! crusty...anyone home? Are you deaf as well as stupid?" "Got deliveries to do maam." the gruff voice said. "No time to waste." Amber swung the pizza man around,"YOU! IDIOT!"

Robert stood there grinning. " bastard!" "Hey girl...which one is it?" They sat laughing at the table. Amber's mum holding her hand, "I'm sorry love he made me do it. It broke my heart but he made me promise." The cat rubbed up against the newcomer's leg. He smelt good. "Want some pizza Amber?" "No you beautiful man." Robert flipped open the lid."Just have this one piece."

He sat the the pizza slice on the palm of his hand, "just try this special black olive" he opened the lid of the round black velvet 'olive' case. Knelt down, with the pizza slice in his hand.

"Will you marry me sexy voice?" The pizza slice went flying in the skirmish around the room. The cat licked the crust and nodded its approval. Amber nodded hers. "I'm so happy I don't care if I die because this is as happy as I'll ever be and I'm so close to heaven." Robert smiled,"hell!...wait for me Am...wait for me, at least for your wedding day." Amber's marriage was her every prayer to God answered, every dream a woman could dream of on her wedding day. It was a large do.

The lawyer firm turned up. Bruce pouting. Robert made a toast to his bride. "To my beautiful funny bride with the sexiest voice on earth...I love you so much Amber!" Even Bruce clapped and cheered, shifted closer to Kev the dress designer. Everybody waved as the newlyweds disappeared in the distance. The horn honked several times. Amber's mum blew a kiss to her baby with the magnetic husky voice. Robert's seeing eye dog breached strict protocol and leapt excitedly around grinning and straining on his leash. His loving master and that funny funny woman with the soft voice that he had taken a shine to would be back soon. Meanwhile he would kick back and talk to Amber's cat awhile. He wasn't that fond of cats but any friend of Amber's was okay. cheers...

WARNING: Don't let go of your place in the world, your hopes, your aspirations, and your dreams...until a day after you die. If i haven't drawn a tear out of at least one female then I guess i'll have to send the tissues around to Bruce? He and Kev got married you know! Oh, forgot...Amber had twins. Amber's mum fusses over everybody. The dog and the cat don't fight like cats and dogs either! And isn't that the way life should be? Robert has had some tests done and he told me it looks very promising and one day soon he may be able to see as well as feel Amber's happy smile. Cath the catty typist drowned in a typist pool. Bill Strate is down one funny head secretary but he's checking out some new heads...

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By Barbara MacDonald on April 10, 2013 at 06:41 am

Smiling....Riginal this is very sweet...funny also, but basically a very sweet story...Yes, you made this woman smile. I agree, I refuse to let go of my dreams and aspirations...I am a silly romantic...nicely done my friend. :-)

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By riginal on April 10, 2013 at 09:31 am

thanks Barb. You're a silly romantic? I'm just silly. There's a connection there somewhere girl. It's sad when you're trying to convince someone that their life's worthwhile and time will prove it. Don't know what my missus is trying to prove by banging my clock? cheers...

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