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Terrorism Has a Very Narrow Connotation under the Law

The acts of 'Passive Terrorism' are not recognized by the society and law, as Terrorist acts,because such acts takes place under the mask of Laissez Faire causing some temporary benefits to common man

Terrorism has a very narrow connotation in the view of Law, Police, Media and Public. For them, Terrorism means unleashing violence to kill the people by using explosives and modern weapons to intimidate the public or government and to cause destruction to public or private property for political or non-political purposes. If a bomb gets blasted somewhere in Hyderabad city, or Mumbai or New York or London or Sydney, and takes away the lives of some people, it would be reckoned as ‘Terrorist activity’ by the Police and Law. So, taking away the lives of the people and destruction caused to the private or public property in Bomb explosions is only being reckoned primarily as ‘Terrorism’ by the Law, but no other act of taking away the lives of persons is being considered as ‘Terrorism’, but called as Homicide, even though in both acts ‘killing’ of a persons is a common feature.

But, in wider sense, Terrorism has two dimensions. One is TERRORISM OF VIOLENCE BY EXPLOSIONS that falls under the category of CONVENTIONAL TERRORISM. Another one is TERRORISM OF NON-VIOLENCE or PASSIVE TERRORISM that falls under the category of NON-CONVENTIONAL TERRORISM. Terrorism by violence is perpetrated by the disgruntled elements and religious fundamentalists, directly and indirectly in the society by departing themselves away mainstream to establish their ideology and thoughts and in the course of their actions, take revenge on the government/people who oppose their thoughts and acts, by using specific means and persons that are available in the society.

Terrorism by non-violence or ‘Passive Terrorism’ or Non-Conventional Terrorism is created by the people who stay within the society but do not use ordinarily the explosives, create a systematic destruction to the social order, ethics, and virtue of the society, and in the process of enriching themselves resorts to the acts and deeds that are against the “common good” of the society. The words spoken by them in open society are quite opposite to their concealed deeds which cause “terrible harm” to the well being of the people. These people play damaging role by their intentional and unintentional acts, in aiding and abetting the Terrorism-by-violence, besides creating Non-violent Terrorism in their own style by being within the society.

The means used by the Conventional Terrorists by using explosive materials of various kinds such as RDX, Ammonium Nitrate, knapsack bombs, targeting crowded areas, public transportation systems, cinema halls etc., have specific pre-planned targets and their potential for damage could vary from enormous destruction to minor damages, depending on the methods adopted and targets chosen by them through trained personnel or by hiring street vagabonds. The Terrorists who use violence are unidentified persons belonging to noted Terrorist outfits, and their locations, movements, training camps normally can not be identified even by law-enforcing authorities, as they would conduct their operations by being in remote places or being within the society taking sometime the help of Passive Terrorists. They always will have twin-targets at a time, one is to maximize the causalities and to cause maximum destruction to property that is located around the human target. So usage of explosives to cause property and human loss at a time is identified by Law as ‘Terrorism by violence’.

‘Passive Terrorism’ is a popular unlawful activity not formally recognized by Law and people as ‘Terrorist Activity’, as this act does not directly cause any human or property loss by weapons or explosions, but contribute for systematic destruction of the society by infusing the thoughts of criminality and all sorts of unsocial and anti-social and deviants behavior and attitudes among the people. All sorts of unlawful underground activities that do not use explosives in realisation of their ambitions, comes under the purview of “Passive Terrorism”. Majority fall under this category of Passive Terrorism directly or indirectly. The Passive Terrorists contribute directly or indirectly for promotion of criminal tendencies among the innocent people by encouraging gangstarism to do petty crimes by supplying drugs, and transmitting pornography, for enriching themselves. Passive Terrorists are inmical towards ethical values of the society and systematically infuse and spread duping tendencies among the common man, by misguiding them with unrealistic colorful publicity and spreading heckling and derogatory ideas through print and electronic media, to suppress the reasoning and rational thinking of common man. They do such activities most of the time consciously and some times unintentionally. First they would begin their activity with one unlawful activity and to conceal it, do another unlawful act and such acts multiply one after another and for them such acts are not unlawful activity but intelligent and efficient way of living and realizing the goals. Any one who opposes such unlawful acts would be heckled as inefficient.

Passive Terrorists or Non-Conventional Terrorists will not have any kind specific common ideology and targets but grow on their own by adopting various activities and methods and invite any unlawful activity that will make them rich in short period. These people do not hesitate to kill the people by concealed methods, if anyone comes in their way of enrichment, killing the humans is routine habit for them. Common man does slavery at them and pamper for their recognition. Media project some Passive Terrorists as role-models to society by taking money and publicize their overt, visible achievements to society by not exposing the unlawful root-causes that made them to grow disproportionately rich at the cost of common good of the many. Passive Terrorists achieve anything in their life by using money power and law some times become pliable handmaid in their hands.

The acts of Passive Terrorists are not recognized by the society as destructive acts, because such acts are mixed with some acts that are considered to causing good to common man. Passive Terrorism is associated with general crime, but not with the word Terrorism of Violence created by explosions. Conventional Terrorists of Violence launch random attacks on the society now and then with explosives, whereas Passive Terrorists attack the society everyday by establishing and spreading their unlawful activities all over the society. It is possible to wipe out the Active Terrorists permanently, if tough measures are adopted, but Passive Terrorism can never be eliminated from the society, as it is ingrained in the general life of the society. But Active and Passive Terrorists both are dangerous for the well being, peace and tranquility in the society. By dchaitanya

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