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10 reasons why you are not losing weight!

by Lartinos (writer), NYC, January 18, 2013

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It takes strength to meet our goals.

These tips can help you identify where you have been going wrong.

1. Rationalizing what we eat: Rationalizing is our way of making sense about things that we may not understand fully. Very often we will put stock in something that is false just because it make us feel better about not sticking to our diet. “Just one Brownie won’t hurt” Actually it will hurt you as one brownie has 39 grams of carbohydrates in which most are sugar to boot. Instead of just rationalizing everything it is better to be totally honest with your self about whether or not what we eat is actually “ok.” a sense of disconnected numbness and indifference

2. One of the biggest reasons we rationalize our the food we eat is because we are emotional eaters: An emotional eater will use phrases like, “I am just living the best life possible” or “I deserve it.” An emotional eater never comes to terms with their guilt for food. They deal with that guilt in an unhealthy way by being apathetic towards dieting. They get suspended into an impulsive way of dealing with problems they do not want to confront. Emotional eater’s false view of reality makes them feel good in the short term, but this dishonest attitude towards themselves is not a great recipe for dieting success.

3. Unclear and unrealistic goals can hold us back: When we are unclear about where we are headed it also suspends us to a level that will have trouble getting further results. We must be in specific in our approach or it is very likely we will not meet our goals. Those goals we make must be realistic or our motivation will naturally wane stopping us from getting the results we want. At the same time our goals can be too easy where we are not properly pushing ourselves. We lose a 2 lb’s and then throw a ticker take parade… and reward ourselves with some cake :).

4.Lack of overall knowledge: Most people are unaware that calorie counting has been scientifically been shown to be an ineffective form of dieting because not all calories are burned off as easily as others. Once people learn that it is much harder for our bodies to burn off calories from carbs as opposed to protein they soon start to understand that they should instead be counting carbs. This one fact just barley scratches the surface of information that people need to know, but for people to realize this they must come to terms that they are for the most part ignorant of proper dieting.

5.Inability to deal with the truth: The smartest people are the ones that indeed know they really don’t know anything at all. Holding onto ignorant beliefs because you can cannot come to terms with your ego is a very foolish reason to stay fat and unhealthy. Today is the day that are going to hold yourself to a higher standard, stop the excuses and make it happen.

6. Feeling rushed and like we have no time to diet: It is a fact that many people live extremely active lives between working, family, and other responsibilities. It takes real motivation and sacrifice for people in these situations to achieve their goals. It also takes prior planning to make sure you eat the right foods and make time to get your workouts in. If you don’t have time to make it to the gym, I suggest doing cardio outside and purchasing resistance bands that you can use at home.There are plenty of videos on youtube to help you plan your workouts. You have no excuse not to buy these inexpensive and yet versatile bands if you feel you are low on time.

7. You’re just not ready to do it: For some reason or another you have more important things to do in your life. That can happen as life is a very unpredictable journey. There is nothing wrong with that as long as you are not using it as just a lame excuse. Eventually there may be a day where you will have the opportunity so be ready for the day when that opportunity comes.

8. You love Dairy: Whether it is milk or cheese you consume too much of these products and you are unaware about how much damage it is indeed doing to your physique. The sugar in milk called “Lactose.” 60% of people are unable to properly digest lactose which in turn causes the undigested sugar to ferment in our colon, which then causes gas and bloating. Drop the milk and very least minimize your cheese intake or suffer the consequences. Cheese is not diet food and never will be, people who promote it as an effective carb free food are frauds. Try adding in almond, soy, or coconut milk as an alternative to cow’s milk. Just be sure to watch out for added sugars that many companies slip in there.

9.You have yet to come to terms with your sugar addiction: Sugar is indeed addictive, if you don’t believe me start reading my other blogs for more information and actual proof. People also ignorantly over do eating fruits in place of vegetables because they mistakenly assume that fruit contains complex carbs. The truth is that similar to table sugar, fructose is a simple sugar that can also negatively effect insulin levels.

10.You follow short term ”fad” diets: The “cleanse”, the hollywood cookie diet, and any other quick fix are just marketing and that is all. I truly try to help people, these people just prey on your emotions and urge to get things done without any work or dedication. Don’t fall for me these scams.. Think about it, do you know anyone it has really worked successfully for? If so they are at best yo-yo dieters.

Thomas Lartin is a S.M.A.R.T. certified personal trainer. See for your Jitter-free weight loss pill that comes with a money back guarantee.

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