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Understanding nutritional labels is vital to losing weight

by Lartinos (writer), NYC, January 03, 2013

Learn about the importance of reading nutritional labels and utilizing the glycemic index to help you achieve your dieting goals.

It is important to read nutritional labels when you out shopping. Unfortunately most people are ignorant as how to properly read these labels. Most people pick up a product and only check the calorie count, which is not a good gauge a food’s impact on your body as I explained in an earlier blog.

As you pick up a box and look at the label there are different words and numbers staring back at you. Instead of looking at the calories take a look at the total number sugars first and foremost. Sugar has a tremendous effect on our waist line because of it’s effect on our insulin levels. After checking your total sugars you want to look at the total carbohydrate intake next. The sugar you just checked along with any other carbohydrates that are not sugar add up for your total carbohydrates. The most important difference between sugars and other carbohydrates lies in it’s effect on our insulin levels. The more the effect on our insulin levels, the more the fat we hold. We measure a carbohydrates effect on our blood sugar with the Glycemic Index (GI). You can easily google this list to see where certain carbohydrates are on it (I have also added the link for the GI at the bottom of my post). With that knowledge you can see where you may find surprises as to foods that are not as bad as you thought they were. Who wouldn’t want to know that information?


That information has consequences that people should be aware about. Many people may ignorantly think some foods are better than others because they really are just guessing. Take the guess work out of dieting and in any way to you can. The more precise your planning is effects the success of dieting as you will be apt to stick to it because you will feel better and also see results at the same time. People who want to obtain knowledge are the ones who are successful at the endeavors they strive for. That means accepting the fact that we know less than we really think we do in terms of nutrition. Socrates got the idea here when he said, “A man who knows he knows nothing is smarter than a man who thinks he knows something but really knows nothing.” A person who holds onto ignorant views out of stubbornness is not the kind of person that is successful at dieting. If you haven’t been applying yourself to many things it is a good idea to start with our diet to gain confidence.

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Thomas Lartin is a S.M.A.R.T. certified personal trainer and owner of Addrena LLC. You can view his products at and to help you in your weightloss endeavors.

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