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Stay in the senses of the Season

by Kim (writer), Los Angeles, December 26, 2012

Reflections for Christmas, and each day of the year

Sounds of music, Distant & Close

Speaking of a child born years ago

We celebrate his coming, bringing greatness, giving joy

We yet long for, search out, journey towards

His season & All Year.

Sounds of music, articulating love, peace, & rememberance

reosonating reflection

Sounds of the moment, caroling correlation, & calm

Enter into the zone, without a phony sales pitch

Rather contemplation...flickering softly

Sounds of melodies, harmonies, symphonic & traditional

Holy & Sacred

Spiritual, filing the senses

Enter into that zone

Joyous and bright

Sounds of music

The chemistry, tantalizing & tight

The syncopaton is right

for the coming glorious night

Sights are shimmering

Colors never before experienced

Laughter of children & grown-ups

Making wishes, whispering prayers

Being hopeful

Capturing the true meaning that the season bears

Sights of malls filled with cars

Rise above it all & seek to escape the shop, shop, scars

Enter into that space not far

With our own tranquility

Child's decoration

Homeade treat

Simple Prayers

Caroling musicians

That warm the smile

Stay here for awhile

Forget the pile of anxiety

Enter the fow

As gentle as fresh, fallen snow

Inviting as a foaming Cappacino

Cozy Mittens

Tenderly knitted face and hand cloth

Comfy scraves and slippers

Handcrafted by a Dear Friend

Stay in the season

After lghts are out

Sales are gone

Stay in the sights, sounds, and entire essence - of the time

Relish the true meaning year round

Abindantly and abound

Vices of famly and friends

Again and again

Join in the spirit, sounds, and senses

Christmas and beyond

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Kim is a writer for BrooWaha. For more information, visit the writer's website.
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