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Giuliani: America's Mayor


After seeing the debate, I couldn't help but think that THIS guy had the balls to look disgusted, and actually accuse Ron Paul of being disrespectful.

Acting like a 10 year old, he demanded Paul "tell us he didn't really mean that" after he DARED to suggest that maybe the US wouldn't have been attacked on 9-11 if it weren't for the fact that the US has been bombing the middle east for 10 years, and that 9-11 was a retaliatory attack.

Giuliani feigns ignorance to this fact and the audience, as well as the mainstream media, has taken Giuliani's side based on the image he has created for himself through his PR work after 9-11.

"Americas Mayor" is nothing of the sort, most of us New Yorkers didn't like him when he was in office, and we don't like him now either. Making him look like a hero wasn't difficult, considering that following every word of his was our bumbling, tongue tied president who seems to think that we have some sort of problem co-existing with fish.

If everyone really knew what Giuliani was about, I don't think he'd be a big front runner for this election.

When the Trade Centers were attacked in 93, the FBI gave suggestions on counter-terrorism, and what to in case it is attacked again. He ignored those plans and, wouldn't you guess it, they were attacked again. He put the main safety offices in WTC7 after the FBI urged him not to, and wouldn't you know it, WTC7 is no longer there. He tightened his pockets and screwed the FDNY out of new radio equipment, because he's got some problem with the union, and of course, those may have been an asset to them on 9-11.

Let us also not forget his "scoop and dump" actions of the 9-11 wreckage. The remains of dozens of firefighters, as well as many victims I'm sure, being carted away and melted down with the steel in some wreckage yard in China, never having the proper burial they deserved. Not to mention negating any possibility of the forensics investigation that would set straight the full events of that day. Conspiracy theorist or not, you can't deny the fact that there are way too many unanswered questions about what happened that day, but thats another article entirely.

He's praised for cleaning up New York, and bringing crime down in NYC and he still managed to be behind the rest of the country at the time. The rest of the country lowered crime 53%, while his crime rate was only dropped 46%. Doesn't sound like much of a difference, but the conservatives also rack up the fact that he closed down almost 70% (just a roundabout figure there, no research behind that actual number, im just going by what i see around me) of the strip clubs, bars and porn shops in NYC, as a high point. Of course, in doing so, he put many many business owners, out of business. All this while having the largest police department in the country. More cops than anyone else, and we still have more crime. Way to go!

Giuliani tried to use 9-11 as an excuse to prolong his term as mayor, he was accused of stealing funds from the 9-11 widows fund, and one of his closest friends stayed in an apartment (and carried out his affairs in), which was paid for by those wonderful tax dollars, which do so much good for the world.

His penchant for arresting young artists (whom he deems offensive), and protesters (whom he felt were too loud), ripping funds from museums and art galleries (and subsequently trying to evict certain galleries) shows his true colors when it comes to freedom of expression. The first six years of his term in office, he refused to meet with any of the elected black officials in NYC. Although that doesn't necessarily mean anything specific, it doesn't sound good, and definitely raises a few question, possibly even a red flag in the vicinity of his actions and feelings in the place of racial differences.

Former NYPD Commissioner Bratton (also former Boston PD Commissioner, now Commissioner for the LAPD) was quoted as saying Giuliani "missed an opportunity" to ease racial tensions between the people and the NYPD. Giulianis response to that? Hire more minority police officers, because minorities are less likely to complain about the actions of a police officer, if the officer is of a minority race. That decision has been criticized by many people, especially those who have fought to bring to light Giuliani's connection to Eugenics experiments.

That accusation sounding way off the wall, and possibly out of line, please allow me to expand on this.

The Boston Sunday Globe quoted Giuliani's communications director, Crystine Lategano (whom Giuliani also had an affair with), as saying "The mayor has a very close working relationship with the Manhattan Institute." The article went on to say about the Manhattan Institute "The most influential source of political ideas is a conservative think tank that was founded by Margaret Thatcher's mentor and Ronald Reagan's spymaster." The Manhattan Institute, being a Conservative think tank founded by William Casey in 1978, is one of Giuliani's biggest influences in his politics?

William Casey having run the Reagan campaign, also orchestrated the "October Surprise" in 1980 and in return, Reagan appointed Casey as the Director of the CIA after entering office. And Margaret Thatcher, herself and her son Mark worked closely with Casey, was known to have attended lectures and demonstrations by Steve Sailer, who is the founder of the Human Biodiversity Institute, which is heavily involved in the study and experimentation, as well as the publication of many papers and books on, you guessed it, Eugenics!

We also have the Rockefellers; big supporters of Eugenics, and the owners of the Chase Bank. Not only are they one of the Manhattan Institutes largest financiers, they are also huge contributors to the Bush campaign, as well as Giuliani's Senate campaign (they'll probably jump on board for the presidential race as well.) This bank is also the same bank which, during WWII closed the accounts of Jewish customers in the US, handing over the funds to the Nazi's, without being asked to by Germany. They allowed Hitler to seize the gold holdings in their European banks in order to finance the German armies.

Adding to that, they're also big Clinton supporters. Clintons' grandmother having a well known affair with Winthrop Rockefeller (former governor of Arkansas), leads people to the speculation that Bill could be an illegitimate great-grandchild to John D. Rockefeller, founder of Standard Oil, which is now known as Exxon, Amoco and BP. Coincidentally, the CIA polices international oil facilities.

Maybe I was wrong earlier when I said Giuliani is anything but Americas Mayor. Compiling all of his downfalls, putting them next to his political connections, and seeing where he is now, we get a very odd string of coincidence and happenstance. One might even say, its a line of political camaraderie in league with the various branches and connections that Bush himself has been proven to be a part of. Bush whom my previous article, The American Dynasty, has also connected to Hillary Clinton, (and we all know she's a front-runner for the Democratic Party nomination) is also a descendant of another big Nazi supporter and financier; the patriarch granddaddy Prescott Bush. But, we won't go into all that again..

And you thought we wouldn't have any fun.. Shame on you.

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By TonyBerkman on October 24, 2011 at 08:12 pm

An interesting read.

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