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Guns versus Girl Scout Cookies

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Pistol used by civilian militia in the Battle of San Jacinto

In an ideal world without guns, we could identify a problem and negotiate a solution with Girl Scout Cookies. Historically, this is not an option for civilians in battles of self defense.

My mother told me from the age of four, as a young girl I would beg my father and grandfather to take me duck hunting with them. Perhaps it is a genetic predisposition to the thrill of the chase or the allure to danger that runs through our families veins, enticing us into playing the game of probability and chance in gaming or it could merely be survival. Either way, like my father and grandfather and my ancestors before them, I have a love of the outdoors, some warrior fever and a deep respect for the 2nd Amendment in my veins. Firearms have a unique relationship regarding my family history. One of my ancestors, a private in Capt. Shadrack Porter's Company of Infantry, 15th Regiment, Louisiana Militia (a military force of civilians used to supplement a regular army in an emergency) fought with General Andrew Jackson during the War of 1812 when he was ordered to help save the city of New Orleans from attack by the British, 200 years ago this year. General Jacksons intelligent use of Martial Law partnered with the courage of Local Militias (civilians like you and I) utilizing their '2nd Amendment: Right to Bear Arms' allowed citizens the right to use the firearms they kept in their homes and partner with the army to protect the shorelines of the United States in order to collectively inflict massive casualties on the British who had invaded the Port of New Orleans.

Let us say for a moment a new Gun Control law removed all of our firearms including automatic weapons and pistols. Forget about criminals and lone gun men on psychiatric meditation well known for violent side effects. Humor me for a moment, imagine if our communist enemies overseas discovered our mass civilian population was disarmed? We would become a perfect target for invasion from countries like the Middle East, China, Japan (now China's allies) or even North Korea. Countries who despise our Democracy, Civil Rights and Labor Laws but depend on our mass consumption of the products they manufacture. According to the Economist, as of June 2012, China owned $1.164 trillion in U.S. debt. China now owns 25% of our foreign debt. If a bank will foreclose on a house for lack of payment, at what point do you think China will come to collect it's assets? Do you think China or Japan, also considering our hisstory with Pearl Harbor will collect such assests, like our land peacefully? China alone has a current military force of 2,285,000 with 800k in active reserves and 618,588,627 considered 'fit for duty.' Even without guns, Chinas military is powerful because their soldiers began training in martial arts from the age of five, a tradition passed down through centuries. If by chance, the military of China partnered with our Middle Eastern enemies, you and every member of your family will pray for a gun and ammunition when you witness the advanced skill level in combat of Chinese soldiers. Let us not forget about our recent issues with the seaports of the Adriatic Sea and North Korea, the Nuclear Enema of China, waiting on stand by to crap on every Democratic nation that exists so they can control their desperate need for unpolluted natural resources and imprisoned labor.

Another example of the "Right to Bare Arms," is in 1836 a group of brave Texans would give their lives fighting against Mexico for their Independence in The Battle of the Alamo, but the soldiers would fall, the last one, a young man of 16 who was ill but refused to give up his fighting spirit or musket and was found clutching his firearm beyond his last breath. Surrounding militias would retreat from the lost battle and set up their defenses in a grove of trees between the edge of Buffalo Bayou and the San Jacinto River in Texas. There in an open prairie another of my ancestors in the 2nd Regiment Texas 'Volunteers' 3rd Infantry Company Texas would fight in a militia of 750 men and come face to face with General Santa Ana and the Mexican Army of 1500 soldiers during the Battle of San Jacinto. The 2nd Amendment once again came to the rescue of our Nations troops but not without the firearms and the skills of our civilian militia because it was the Texas artillery that stopped General Santa Ana in his tracks.

" Early in the morning, Houston sent Deaf Smith, the celebrated Texas spy, with two or three men, to destroy Vince's bridge over which the Mexican army had passed, thus cutting off their only available escape. When Houston's long awaited order to advance was given, the Texans did not hesitate. General Houston ordered his troops to advance toward the Mexican camp at about 4 p.m. They were hidden by the crest of a hill between the two camps. It took the Texans about thirty minutes to cover the distance to within 100 yards of the Mexican breastworks when the shooting began. When the word "fire" was given, the Texan shouts of "Remember the Alamo" and "Remember Goliad" rang along the entire line. The actual battle at San Jacinto lasted less than 18 minutes although the slaughter continued until dark. General Houston and his officers tried to stop the continued killing but the enraged soldiers sought revenge for the slaughter at the Alamo and at Goliad. Within a short time, 700 Mexicans were slain, with another 730 taken as prisoners. The battle for Texas was won. Texas declared its independence on March 2, 1836 and less than two months later, on April 21, won that independence from Mexico by defeating the Mexican dictator Santa Anna at the Battle at San Jacinto. Only 9 Texans were killed and 30 wounded."~Encyclopedia of American History

Fast forward through time and space, up untill my Grandfather is born. During his lifetime, my Grandfather would not only lose his father to a firearm in 1947, he would lose his baby brother, a Private in the Marines in 1951 during the Korean War to another casualty while I was a mere speck of stardust in the sky. Looking through the lense of our family history, I understand why my grandfather was so strict when it came to learning about Gun Safety and the use of Guns, it was because our family had been touched by both the Tragedy and Triumph of the power of Firearms. With adorable charm but against my mothers wishes, I went hunting with my Father and Grandfather before my 5th Birthday. My grandfather, quite naturally had a few hunting and firearm rules that he passed down and shared with my father, which I had to learn BEFORE I could carry or have a firearm of my own.

The rules, committed to memory, are as follows:

Rule #1) Guns are not toys, they are to remain locked in the Gun Cabinet unless we are Hunting. Hunt only with an adult.

Rule #2) Keep the Gun on Safety at all times unless we are hunting and you have a Target in view.

Rule #3) Make sure your Gun is Clean Before Hunting. Clean your Gun After Hunting, before placing it back in the Gun Cabinet. It was my grandfather who sat me down as a child and taught me hot to clean a gun properly from chamber, to trigger, to barrel.

Rule #4) Never Point a Gun at Anyone Unless it is in Self Defense and a Life or Death Situation. If you jokingly pull a Gun on someone, your Grounded.

Rule #5) If you are Threatened with bodily harm or are placed in a Life or Death Situation and you have to pull your Gun in Self Defense, only do so pulling the trigger to kill the Target.

Rule #6) If you Kill an animal. You eat it. No if, and's or buts about it. My Grandfather and Father did not take kindly to hurting animals for fun or killling them for wall decor but only as a source of food. Which is understandable considering my grandfather Conis grew up in the era of the Depression, when a gun determined the difference between a family hunting for food or going hungry. Both firearms and animals were to always be respected.

Rule #7) Bring the Hunting Dog(s) with you, especially if hunting alone. Make sure they are feeling well, are fed and hydrated when you remove them out of the kennel. Check the Dogs for any injuries after after a Hunting Trip and make sure to give them a bath or hose them down before putting them back in the kennel if not too cold.

Rule #8) If you injure an animal on a Hunting Trip. Do not leave it wounded and suffering. Track it down and kill it if possible without getting lost in the forest. Return all Game home to be Properly Cleaned or to be brought to the Butcher and Refrigerated.

Rule #9) Do not waste your Ammunition. You never know when you may need the extra bullet. Practice in Rounds of 25. Rest. Repeat.

My father taught me to shoot my first Daisy BB Gun by setting up used tin cans on top of the barbed wire fence posts surrounding my Grandfathers ranch house as target practice. I loved my Daisy BB Gun, she was shiny and made of smooth brown wood with a black metal handle. Any chance I had to go to my Grandparents house and practice with my Daisy. I became so good at tipping over tin cans that I grew bored with it and began using Dragon flies as moving targets. My aim became so sharp that I could shoot their heads off in mid-flight. Duck hunting was fascinating to me, the thrill of the birds overhead, the boom of the gun and our dogs tracking down the ducks in the marshes of the Sabine River to return to them to us for future Duck Gumbo was exciting. While my school friends took for granted the meat their parents could conveniently buy at the grocery store, between duck hunting and my grandfather raising cattle on the ranch, I understood and learned to appreciate through example, the process of life; hunting of animals, cleaning of meat and how the Turkey on the Thanksgiving dinner table actually got there through someone besides ButterBall. I learned from a young age that guns were to be used for a source of gathering food and self defense. My grandfather and dad were very strict about the killing of animals as a source of food. So much so that my older cousin decide he was going to go on a Chi Chi bird shooting spree one winter, he killed 6 birds in 30 minutes and I finally said, "You need to stop, you have enough. Pappy is going to make you eat them." Well, little did I know, although I did not bring my gun with me that day, I was guilty by association and forced to clean and eat six of the nastiest tasting birds. Concluding from the experience that my cousin had 'rocks for brains,' to kill birds with no meat on them was just plain dumb.

Although he still did not learn his lesson, and decided the following weekend to go shoot innocent turtles in the pond, he found humor in watching them sink, just so he could collect their shells later when they would float back up to the top. I didn't like him hunting the sweet turtles. Like every little girl who talks too much, I intentionally told on him to my Grandfather and Grandmother over supper, " Turtles are so slow, what kind of cruel sport is that? It's like shooting at an old lady crossing the street with a walker." My Grandfather smiled but right after dinner, he made my cousin pull out the pontoon boat and went with him to 'collect his dead turtles.' To add insult to injury, each dead turtle grounded my cousin from his gun for a month and then he was forced to dig a hole for each turtle and bury them individually. When all was said and done, he was grounded from his gun for an entire year and spent a day burying turtles due to my telling on him. I learned a valuable lesson in firearm responsibility and compassion, for turtles and animals in general, not so much for my mischevious and slightly evil, red headed cousin.

Another day I was to learn about the use of guns for self defense; when my father, his best friend Owen and I decided to go fishing. It was at the crack of dawn when an alligator jumped into our boat thinking we were it's next meal. My father quickly, without hesitation shot it in the head. One moment with a live, snapping, hungry alligator, several inches away from you or your child in a small space, any fear of guns is replaced by Gratitude, and a nice pair of Alligator boots.

In retrospect, others might perceive my experiences with firearms in a negative light but I believe my Grandfather and Father blessed me with a skill set that gives me as a woman and as a citizen, leverage. I have the leverage of self defense and survival; leverage against criminals, abusive men, a tyrannical Government and the ability to kill my own food if necessary. Firearms used responsibly have given my family the ability to survive for over 200 years. In the event of an emergency those with the ability to use firearms place their odds of survival and those of other hunters at a higher percentage rate than those without the skill set to use guns. In our modern era, we cannot turn a blind eye to our overseas enemies, we cannot ignore that we are dealing with new types of threats to our survival; gangs, drug wars, people who kidnap and sell 1.2 million women & children into sex slavery, 200k of which are Americans, home invasions, rapists, murderers and thieves. None of which will take a Girl Scout Cookie in exchange for leaving you or I alone, safely. Luckily, my Grandfather and Father loved me enough to give me a skill set to benefit, not hinder my survial.

Yes, firearms are a double edge sword but I feel the same way about guns as I do abortion; if you don't want to own a gun, don't buy one, if you don't believe in abortion, don't have one. However, do not infringe upon our Constitution or my Civil Right or my families right to defend themselves. Criminals do not purchase guns through legal means, they buy them on a black market. Look around at nature, the cycle of life is that of predator and prey. Which option will you choose for yourself and for your family? My personal choice is not to be what is defined by military and security personnel as a 'Soft Target,' which is someone without a firearm, unable to defend themselves like the 1.5 Million children who were murdered by Hitler when he disarmed their parents using Gun Control Laws.

In other countries such as Israel, teachers are armed with Automatic Weapons to ensure the survival of their children and given the legal rights to protect them if necessary. US Marshalls or Retired Veterans placed as undercover teachers or Vice Principles might also help solve the problem of school violence. No matter what solutions we create for the future, we must also hold the Psychiatry and Pharmaceutical Industry responsible for the abuse of dispensing Psychiatric Medication to patients, pills with the highest side effects of Violent Behavior. When you have a moment please watch:

Psychiatry’s Prescription for Violence You will learn that every major violent crime is attached to the abuse of Psychiatric Medication

No matter what tragedies may occur with firearms today, no matter how sad they may be, even if I perished by a bullet. I still choose to trust the legacy of my ancestors examples of the true meaning of the Second Amendment and the "right of the people to keep and bare arms." I trust that the United States Founding Fathers had a full understanding of their own ancestors experiences regarding firearms and why it is a fundamental part of a long-established natural right in English Law and a part of the United States Constitution to NOT be "Disarmed by the Crown" or any other form of Government.

"The most foolish mistake we could possibly make would be to allow the subject races to possess arms. History shows that all conquerors who have allowed their subject races to carry arms have prepared their own downfall by so doing. Indeed, I would go so far as to say that the supply of arms to the underdogs is a sine qua non for the overthrow of any sovereignty. So let's not have any native militia or native police. German troops alone will bear the sole responsibility for the maintenance of law and order throughout the occupied Russian territories, and a system of military strong-points must be evolved to cover the entire occupied country."

--Adolf Hitler, dinner talk on April 11, 1942, quoted in Hitler's Table Talk 1941-44: His Private Conversations

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