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90% of people in India have no brains in their Heads

by dchaitanya (writer), India, December 09, 2012

90% per cent of Indians are ‘Idiots’ who can be misled and divided by mischievous elements on the basis of caste and religion

Speaking in the South Asian Media Sumposium held in New Delhi on 8th December, the Press Council of India Chairman Justice Markendeya Katju did not mince words in declaring that 90 percent of Indians are ‘Idiots’ who can be misled and divided by mischivious elements on the basis of caste and religion, because they have no brains in their heads. “There are equal number of fundamentalists among the Hindus and Muslims in India and just by spending 2,000 rupees, communal riots can be created in Indian capital city of New Delhi” he said.

Besides revealing true picture of backward mental condition of educated people in India who elect their representatives on the basis of Caste and Religion, Justice Katju said the solution for ending Kashmir issue in India and military domination in Pakistan is merger of Pakistan and India. He tried to enlighten the audience by exposing how the Colonialists have exploited the Indians by dividing them on the basis of religion and regional sentiments and depicted Urdu as language of Muslims and Hindi as language of Hindu people. Katju also satarically commented that Indians require a very big head gyrating blow on their head so to come into consciousness what are the wrongs being committed by them. Finally he concluded that he was passing these harsh remarks to make Indians awaken from being further befooled by fissiparous elements.

Finally the symposium passed a resolution urging the government for prividing special protection for media persons who are working in war zones and Moaist active places for news coverage. By dchaitanya

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By Oriana88 on June 11, 2014 at 04:44 am

Is so nice and sukienka na lato

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