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You can bank on a loan

by riginal (writer), moe australia, November 19, 2012

The re-invention of a marriage drifting apart due to no time alone. When pedantic measures are stripped of their regimentation.


The banker's manicured fingers drummed noiselessly on the edge of the sexual dysfunction counselor's soft- pleated leather couch. Mr Greyson sat bolt upright, felt naked, inadequate, outside the confines of his corporate nest at the bank.

The counselor leaned forward, lightheartedly admonishing his client. "Mr Greyson rest assured from what i've gleaned about your marriage philandering would be a retrogressive step neither of you should entertain if you want to go forward into the rehabilitation of your marital relationship". Greyson allowed a nervous smile to momentarily deviate one of the verticle middle-age worry canals etched in his sombre respectable countenance. He sighed. "Point taken counselor i'll follow your advice to the letter". The loan application form had been perused meticulously. Neon light danced across the bald head as it moved from side-to-side for that extra non-essential officious look.Second- in- charge Johnson from loans would normally handle this, but this loan was far from ordinary.

Greyson delicately extricated a wayward miniscule thread off his tailor- made expensive suit and made a mental note to chide Mrs Greyson over her apparent lack of attention to detail.The pendant placed his platinum embossed pen at a precise forty-five degree angle to the loan form,picked the pen up and tapped it twice on the form, fixing the client opposite with a feigned apologetic grimace. The stunning redhead knew from past experience that the angle of pen alignment,pen tap,plus theatrical grimace- spelt rejection.

"Mr Greyson sir," the redhead leaned forward shaking her hair deliberately.The heady perfume cascaded, enveloping the manager. He felt a sudden dizziness. This she-devil knew that refusal was a voyeuristic turn-on for him. "To approve or not to approve that was the question".He snapped out of his Bankspearian interlude with a jolt! She was leaning over him, her taut jutting breasts hanging precariously within the confines of her black silk dress,were suddenly exposed and jutting toward him,she slid the dress down and stood naked. Her thin waist accentuated her shapely bottom and long legs."I want that loan sir,"she murmered,easing down his pants,impaling the junction of her supple body on him.He wanted to call Johnson from loans,no! Johnson was an idiot under pressure.Greyson was on fire his thoughts disjointed. She ran her tongue inside his mouth,probing,urging. In an explosion of lust he lifted her on his desk, they thrust and rammed silently, then moaned in unison as she raked his back and bit down on his lip. Spent, she dressed traced his ear lobe with a darting tongue."Sign the loan form lover". He embraced her then signed shakily. The phone rang. The redhead picked it up and laughed seductively. "Mrs Greyson speaking...yees counselor" she murmered,"to the letter counselor...getting alone with him was easy".

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