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A Weekend With Sonia's Guides: $1600

by Savattra (writer), San Francisco, May 12, 2007


Spend a weekend with Sonia Choquette's Guides (From online store)


Join Sonia for the first time ever as she makes her channeled guides available for personal questions and group discussion. During this intimate three day event you will meet Joachim, the primary spokesperson for the Emissaries of the Third Ray, Elophilia, the feminine guide from the Third Ray, Rose, who is her healing guide and her teacher guides The Three Bishops. In this very intimate setting, Sonia will not only channel her guides for direct conversation, but will also have them directly transmit their frequency in order for you to raise your vibration and heal your life. This workshop will also include meditations introduced by the guides directly. Finally Sonia will show you the tools for channeling your own Spirit guides. Joining Sonia for this workshop is singer and songwriter Mark Welch. This workshop is held at the Eaglewood Resort in Itasca, IL and is limited to just 35 students.


After all the prices she charges not even a free gift of her Six Sensort (TM) pin, you have to pay for that too!

Join the Sixth Sensory(TM) revolution and let the workld know you trust your vibes by wearing our official Six Sensory(TM) pin. A beautiful image of your free flowing spirit surrounded by white light,this pin is your statement to the world and reminder to yourself to Always Trust Your Vibes!!! (All proceeds go to the Inner Wisdom Scholarship Fund)

Dear Sonia: The Inner Wisdom Scholarship Fund - is that all for you? I love how you are channelling so brilliantly Simon the Sorcerer and his practice of Simony. If you are a Catholic and actually studied world religions .... you know exactly what I am talking about!!!!!!

P.S. How do I know your spirit guides aren't demons in disguise? And when you are going to respond to the public challenge to prove that Christ taught you to be psychic.

You said it... now prove it ... with God (Abba) as your witness! If Christ is with you then this should be a piece of cake. I await a response by July 1, 2007 c/c the Archdioces of San Francisco. No response in the public domain and well ... I guess we know why you won't answer the call ....

Trivia: Did you know that the 12 apostles had incredible supernatural gifts but never charged a dime? Why you ask? Becuase it was freely given by God and is to shared freely. Simon the Sorcerer tried to become a Christian to buy the gifts but the apostles denied it and struck the demon out of him. Maybe Sonia needs a good "snap out of it moment".

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3 comments on A Weekend With Sonia's Guides: $1600

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By Annonymous on May 13, 2007 at 12:16 am
People are entitled to believe what they want. There are many unknown truths. Churches have suppressed knowledge in history. If her work is of God then her religion will prevail. If it is not of God then people have to be willing to part with their hard earned money. Her intentions may be good but only she knows for sure.
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By Ol' lady on January 17, 2008 at 09:34 pm

Katherine Alexandra Christensen...... AKA SAVATTRA I think you need to stop bashing all of these successfull women (I did a search in regard to the comments you've posted about other writers/speakers that are quite successfull. It seems to me that you are on a personal vendeta of some sort.  In some of your postings you identify yourself as a "I am a lawyer, a Catholic, and an intuitive healer.." Hmm, intuitive healer lawyer. Plese get a life and stop bashing others who obviously are quite more successful than you are if you have all this time to write about people all these awful things. Why don't you keep your negative views to yourself before someone sues you for defermation of character? I am sure the public can make an informed consent on their own or you think they are dumb sheep that you need to lead? And besides, there is regional accreditation and other sorts of accreditations. In one of yoru posts you said that Sonia Choquette had a "fake degree" Please, woman, her degree is accredited by the drugless association. By the way, in which of hte 50 states are you a licensed lawyer? Elswhere you wrote that you had had a problem with the board in Chicago and that is why you allegedly paid $400 to Choquette to do a psychic reading to you. I mean, give me a break!!! 

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By AC Kirkland on July 31, 2010 at 10:53 am

Really? How do you sleep at night bashing people so? It's always the religious zealots that cast so much hate and judgement. In a past life I bet you burned witches too...

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