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Christ & Choquette: What a Claim! Jews and Christians Beware

by Savattra (writer), San Francisco, May 08, 2007


Sonia Choquette wrote in her autobiography "Diary of a Psychic" that Jesus Christ taught her to be psychic in a past life. In her book "Ask Your Guides" she claims several past lives in France plus one as an Essene. The Essenes were an ancient Jewish order 2000 years ago who were actively awaiting the promised Messiah from Moses.

In the past few years as Choquette's popularity has increased with help from Hay House .... I have witnessed a number of fringe Jews AND Christians become immersed in her work because of these claims. Sonia draws them in because such statements seem to coincide with their religious heritage when many denominations of both Judaism and Christianity outright forbid Sonia's practices. Catholicism would call her work simony after Simon the sorcerer who used Christianity to further his magical ways.

Judaism outright forbids divination and sorcery in many books from Moses and minor Jewish prophets. Choquette claims to have studied Kabbalah but where is another matter. Authentic Jewish institutes do not allow anyone to study the mystical teachings unless they are over 40, experts in the Torah, AND A MAN.... so where Choquette learn Kabbalah may not be where one actually should go to learn it. She is over 40 but clearly a woman and a mother of two children.

Choquette has lectured in a few Unity Church of Christianity places and encourages readers in her True Balance book to heal their seventh chakra by finding an open minded church. As a Roman Catholic who did her undergraduate degree in comparative world religion, I know that the liberal Christianity of Unity and Agape is Christianity without moral rules. Choquette lives in a morally ambiguous world because she has stated that even in a first degree murder event (premeditated at that)on some level the killer and victim choose that reality. Lets pray that on some level then that there is justice nonetheless. If Choquette was an Essene in a past life she would know that Moses forbade murder in his 10 commandments.

Choquette's advocacy of A Course in Miracles and shamanic practices really strike anyone as simony. Yes the US offers freedom of religion but how many religious groups have been deemed unsafe by cult experts? This is the dangerous side of woo-woo Sonia will never tell you.

What really seems schizoid and deceptive is that Choquette life work is a complete violation of occult activity forbidden and even condemned in Jewish and Christian scripture. Which leaves me to wonder - what IS SHE TALKING ABOUT? When I point this out to both Jews and Christians they think that I have a religious block. I don't because precognition is an actual event. However, the selling of such ability at such high prices makes me wonder why people don't see through such odd statements from a "world soul teacher".

Beyond claiming that Jesus Christ taught her in a past life and having also been an Essene: can Choquette back this claim up? At least Moses parted the Dead Sea and Jesus healed many people. Can Sonia solve the Dead Sea scrolls, Mary Magdalene and the Holy Grail, and tell us when Christ is going to return?

People are entitled to their beliefs but Sonia Choquette is making alot of money and luring people away from true spiritual ministers at a high costs to pocketbooks and souls. Please do not be wooed by the woo-woo. There have been many false Messiahs in history and now they are appearing in female form.

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By Annonymous on May 08, 2007 at 06:37 pm
Wow the New Age and its preachers are getting odder! I can't believe people actually believe this woman.
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By Ol' lady on January 17, 2008 at 09:33 pm

Katherine Alexandra Christensen...... AKA SAVATTRA I think you need to stop bashing all of these successfull women (I did a search in regard to the comments you've posted about other writers/speakers that are quite successfull. It seems to me that you are on a personal vendeta of some sort.  In some of your postings you identify yourself as a "I am a lawyer, a Catholic, and an intuitive healer.." Hmm, intuitive healer lawyer. Plese get a life and stop bashing others who obviously are quite more successful than you are if you have all this time to write about people all these awful things. Why don't you keep your negative views to yourself before someone sues you for defermation of character? I am sure the public can make an informed consent on their own or you think they are dumb sheep that you need to lead? And besides, there is regional accreditation and other sorts of accreditations. In one of yoru posts you said that Sonia Choquette had a "fake degree" Please, woman, her degree is accredited by the drugless association. By the way, in which of hte 50 states are you a licensed lawyer? Elswhere you wrote that you had had a problem with the board in Chicago and that is why you allegedly paid $400 to Choquette to do a psychic reading to you. I mean, give me a break!!! 

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