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Arrogance at its Finest

The rumble.

Joe Biden's performance during his debate with Paul Ryan exposed the ultimate in political game playing.

The ultimate in political game playing was on display Thursday night as VP Joe Biden, and Rep. Paul Ryan squared off in their first and only Vice Presidential Debate.

Right from the start, it was clear Biden came for, and was looking to start a boxing match, a chance to mug for the cameras and make up some much-needed ground his boss lost from days prior. Well, he probably guzzled down a couple of Red Bulls before clearly making an ass out of himself building on his momentum as being one of the most disrespected, and laughed at politicians of our era. I guarantee Obama was gripping his TV with white knuckles hoping good ole’ Joe could get through this while keeping his famous gaffes to a minimum. He didn’t, and I for one was ashamed, as an American, to realize he’s a heartbeat away from currently being the leader of the free world.

Joe was probably handed one mission: to stop the bleeding after Obama’s pathetic performance during his debate with Mitt Romney. In my opinion: the bleeding is now gushing, and it’s getting worse. The whole time I watched this debate I kept asking myself: Is this really the Vice President of the United States? Does his mannerisms reflect the power, and needed respect of his office? Would this be the person I’d want talking with foreign leaders about trade, energy, and nuclear issues? Is this someone who could keep his cool when that call comes in at 2 a.m.? Clearly, I can’t imagine having our country’s leadership fall into this mans hands. Remember, he’s a heartbeat away.

I felt Biden acted extremely disrespectful, arrogant, and unwilling to have a serious discussion about the pressing issues our country faces. Every time Ryan spoke, there was Joe, laughing, smirking, and interrupting like a child who couldn’t get his way. This is what narcissistic people do, never ever willing to see another’s viewpoint, reasoning, and always demanding to stake their stance, thus, his quote of the night, “If they (Republicans) would just get out of the way,” hmm, so much for bi-partisanship. It kinda parallels the ancient warrior, Sun Tzu’s famous quote, “If your enemy is secure at all points, be prepared for him. If he is in superior strength, evade him. If your opponent is temperamental, seek to irritate him.” Well, not once did Ryan break his concentration, not once.

Uncle Joe was clearly unashamed of his performance, he’s simply a guy who speaks from the hip and lets the chips fall where they may. He looks at a guy like Paul Ryan as very young, ambitious, full of ideas, determined, and cool under pressure as was demonstrated during the debate. Biden was assuredly hoping Ryan would crack under his sarcasm, but he didn’t, only turning to the VP once and respectfully saying, “Mr. Vice President, I think people would be better served if we didn’t keep interrupting each other.” Joe didn’t care what he said, electing instead to blow him off and keep the drama going.

So who won?

After watching responses from all sides of the equation, the number one negative reaction from those polled was Biden’s disrespectful behavior. On content, both men got in their jabs with the edge going to Ryan. But, politics is as much about whom the individual voter personally likes as what they believe in.

Obama, as I like to call him, The Hollywood President is a likeable guy, someone I could have a beer and talk about sports with, although, I couldn’t disagree more with his policies. Biden, not so much, his always arrogant behavior is a true turnoff. He’s a man who’s rarely ever been told, “No” and hates it when it happens. He, like his boss, isn’t used to someone being in his face, challenging him, and making him explain his record. Together, they’ve been coddled by the media ever since the Obama/Biden ticket came into existence. Add it all up and there’s a recipe for continued disaster as evidenced by our abysmal economy, horrific foreign image, and growing national debt.

This debate, like the one prior, and I suspect the two remaining are all snapshots into who these people are, exactly. As you watch, take note of their expressions, tone of their voices, signs of nervousness like Joe’s constant beaming of his whitened teeth or throwing his hands in the air, and look for their focusing on the issues at hand. Do they stick with the problems facing America? Or do they try winning by badgering, poking at, tearing down, constantly interrupting, and character assassinating the other because of personal insecurities and lack of fresh ideas? Try this during the next debate: press the mute button for a minute or two and watch each candidate’s physical behavior. You can learn an immense amount about someone just by observing.

The American people have tired of politics as usual. They want leaders, real, genuine leaders who will take this country’s problems by the reigns and strengthen it. They want focused individuals, not grumpy old men who only exist to tear others down, and govern through forceful, biased opinions.

What we saw in the Biden/Ryan debate exposed a master in the prime of his game.

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