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Spend 10K or more to become special with Sonia Choquette

by Savattra (writer), San Francisco, May 07, 2007


Many readers are aware of my articles cautioning them on revolutionary psychic Sonia Choquette of Chicago.

While many believed I was a bible thumper this is not true and was the cause of some misinterpretations. So ... to bring some clarity to my writings let me rewrite my case in more secular language.

My name is Katherina Alexandra Christensen. I am a lawyer and raised Catholic in Chicago where I was born. Right now I am employed as a policy analyst and lawyer for an international think tank in California. Sonia Choquette was my first spiritual teacher on the recommendation of fellow classmates in university. Her work overall is meant and designed to help people tune into a natural intuitive faculty. Where Choquette gets wonky is on the business model that fuels her practice and makes me question her true intentions and professional ethics.

Here is my top 5 legal renumerations on Choquette in the spirit of buyer beware:

1. Sonia tells many people they are psychic on her radio show, workshops, and personal readings. This is followed by inviting them to train with her at Miravel at the $3500 and higher fees. These fees do not include travel, meals, and accomodation. So ... are these people being used to pay Choquette's bills or are they really psychic.

There is a distinction: Everyone has intuitive and psychic capacity as leftover brain abilities from primates days. This is our natural potential and need not be expensive to develop. Books by Penney Peirce, Lynn Robinson, and Laura Day teach you how to do this one your own and Laura Day does free intuitive development workshops in New York City. Dr. Judith Orloff does workshops in LA for under $100 including lunch! Clearly these two other well-known psychics don't believe you have to mortgage your house to become a revolutionary soul teacher.

The distinction lies in the fact that there is something known as prophetic gifts that go into visions, the ability to change matter, affect weather, and do miraculous healing. In the Catholic church this is knowan as charismatic gifts of the Holy Spirit and only a few are able to do this. This is a God given gift like a musical prodigy. You are born this way. It cannot be learned. Judith Orloff and Laura Day are examples of this. While psychics like Sonia can excercise their intuitve skills to mimic it in readings ... Sonia does not posses the energy healing prowess of Laura Day and Dr. Orloff. Can Sonia do laying on of hands with doctors like Day did and get their endorsement in controlled clinical experiments? She hasn't to date.

2. Sonia Choquette is on the board of director of The Hoffman Institute based in California. She has told so many people too that they need to do the $3000 Hoffman Process. I am a graduate of the Hoffman Process and can confirm that when I refer a person I get a credit on my account or a monetary cash reward. This is their way of saying thank you to graduates. So ... is Choquette's spirit guide really saying do Hoffman or does she like double dipping through her clients who have already paid her.

To Sonia's credit she also recommends to everyone to do Julia Cameron's Artists' Way and read Dr. Henry Grayson's Mindful Loving. I don't see how she gets monetary rewards on this advice so all is not greed oriented in her readings.

3. Sonia Choquette is more than happy to use "Ph.D." on her books to generate credibility when she is a graduate of an unaccredited university - the American Institute of Holistic Theology. Her Ph.D. program in metaphysics is a grand $8000 and a deal in higher education!

Sonia dropped out of the University of Denver to become a TWA flight attendant and then quit flying to read full time. She can't do anything else but read so she has a natural motivation to maximize her practice. Dr. Orloff is a board certified psychiatrist who graduated from UCLA Medical School and is still licensed to practice medicine. If Judith Orloff never gave another workshop she would be financially OK still. Sonia needs to hook in client and have them come back for more and more. Most of her dedicated students are seeking spiritual specialness .... and trying to get a quick fix credibility through her mini events. Again, with the rate of Sonia's training one would think the students would at least get CEUs for their time.

4. Sonia also tells clients to excercise and align their bodies to higher intentions, how their past romance didn't work out because it was past-life karma, and how they will write a book and she sees it getting published. Maybe it is a soul group but with such a high degree of repetitiveness in her advice it makes my own gut sense wonder if she can really read at all. Is she really able to give a personalized reading or does her intuition get enough to gain trust before she bombards you with the same old guidance the last person heard? For $800 an hour it is in the client's right to question the quality of Sonia's statements.

5. Choquette identifies as a Catholic and Romanian Orthodox. She states that her mother's Eastern European background allowed for spirit contact with angels and psychic impressions. The Roman Catholic Cathechism forbids all forms of divination. The various Orthodox Churches in their catechism also consider such practices as attempts to control time and others. While the Orthodox may vary from the strict Roman tradition against Simony ... Greek Orthodox and Eastern Orthodox scholars have confirmed that making money off spiritual gifts is forbidden. So Sonia makes statements that are not truly accurate which makes one wonder if it is an attempt to lure religious folk to part with their money.

In the final equation... I still feel that perhaps a consultation with Sonia Choquette could be helpful. Just please don't think she is 100% accurate because no psychic is. Just be aware that there appears to be a business model that she needs to keep going since she, like the rest of us, has bills to pay.

Don't part with your hard earned money. Check out Lynn Robinson, Laura Day, Dr. Mona Lisa Schultz, and Penney Peirce. They have reasonable rates and don't draw you into expensive traingins and programs after the reading. And stay with one person and pace your consultations 18 to 24 months apart. The woo-woo can confuse you and Choquette demonstrates questionable capacity for discernment and integrity. Check out my other article on her book True Balance. I am not perfect but I would never manipulate people's minds and their money to the extent that Sonia has.

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5 comments on Spend 10K or more to become special with Sonia Choquette

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By Savattra on May 08, 2007 at 01:38 am
If the people are indeed psychic wouldn't they know she was taking them for a ride?
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By Annonymous on May 08, 2007 at 01:40 am
Sonia also tells people to fall in love with themselves and not look for a knigt in the white horse. Plus ... she tells people they are a turtle without a shell and need to train with her. Sonia is intuitive enough to capture a few accurate things but once she gets your attention just repeats herself. Thanks Savattra because she conned me too!
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By hurricane baby on August 28, 2007 at 10:36 am
Christ! When will people cop on????? These people are con artists! What about the psychic who told the couple their son was dead on National tv and eight years later their son was found!!!!! People who are desparate are always vunerable to the likes of Sonia. Shame on her. Their books should be taken off the shelves.
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By Ol' lady on January 17, 2008 at 09:33 pm

Katherine Alexandra Christensen...... AKA SAVATTRA I think you need to stop bashing all of these successfull women (I did a search in regard to the comments you've posted about other writers/speakers that are quite successfull. It seems to me that you are on a personal vendeta of some sort.  In some of your postings you identify yourself as a "I am a lawyer, a Catholic, and an intuitive healer.." Hmm, intuitive healer lawyer. Plese get a life and stop bashing others who obviously are quite more successful than you are if you have all this time to write about people all these awful things. Why don't you keep your negative views to yourself before someone sues you for defermation of character? I am sure the public can make an informed consent on their own or you think they are dumb sheep that you need to lead? And besides, there is regional accreditation and other sorts of accreditations. In one of yoru posts you said that Sonia Choquette had a "fake degree" Please, woman, her degree is accredited by the drugless association. By the way, in which of hte 50 states are you a licensed lawyer? Elswhere you wrote that you had had a problem with the board in Chicago and that is why you allegedly paid $400 to Choquette to do a psychic reading to you. I mean, give me a break!!! 

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By Savattra on July 15, 2008 at 03:52 pm
Consumer Reports have been created for the very purpose of exposing those who exploit others despite their seeming intentions to heal.
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