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Jets Need to Take a Chance on Terrell Owens

Credit: Tammy Ferrufino
T.O. could be a better addition for the Jets than many think.

If the Jets had their mind right, they'd be telling all their loyal fans to get their popcorn ready.

The New York Jets were already struggling badly on offense. Take away a 48-point barage in week one and this has to be the most pathetic offense in all of the NFL.

Quarterback Mark Sanchez has been turnover-prone and erratic, while failing to complete at least 50% of his passes in three straight games. The running game has been plodding and lethargic behind the sheepish Shonn Greene, and the wide receiver have dropped passes or ran the wrong routes on many occasions.

The offensive line has been suspect, too, while the team has watched Dustin Keller struggle to stay healthy. And then there was the loss of star cornerback Darrelle Revis, which dealt a potentially fatal blow to the defense, long regarded as New York's one main strong suit.

Chalk up another loss in the confidence department with the news that number one wide receiver Santonio Holmes is done for the season (foot), and you might as well stick a fork in this Jets team.

But as bad as it looks (and feels) at times, these Jets really aren't in that bad of shape. They still have a rookie receiver in Stephen Hill who can stretch the field. Keller, when healthy, is a better than average tight end. And slot receiver Jeremy Kerley shows potential.

This team is still 2-2 and atop the AFC East. They currently own a tie-breaker over the Bills and Dolphins, and still get to show the New England Patriots what they've got twice in 2012.

A random bystander might also point to the fact that the Jets haven't had it all that easy the past two weeks. Their only two losses have come by the hands of the heralded Pittsburgh Steelers and San Francisco 49ers, both of which boast strong defenses. Granted, New York looked downright pitiful in both contests, it still can be said that those losses are somewhat explainable - if not flat-out understandable.

But with the team preparing to host the undefeated Houston Texans on Monday Night Football in week five, this situation could go from messy and managable to an epic disaster.

Mark Sanchez is one more bad game from spontaeous combustion. The Jets should be one more poor Sanchez outing away from a full-blown journey into Tebowmania, too.

But it doesn't have to be that way.

Holmes is done and gone and the team needs help at receiver. Obviously anyone can see that. So, why not actually, you know, try to remain competitive in the passing game by bringing in some serious talent?

My vote goes for Terrell Owens. Even at 38, he still has the size and speed to wreak havoc in the secondary and he should continue to be a red-zone threat. While not really ever known as a mentor, the wet behind the ears Hill could surely benefit from another big, physical receiver showing him the ropes. The move would make T.O. the number one option, which he still has the talent to be, and would make Hill and Kerley the two and three, which is arguably their more natural positions as they stand.

Whether or not we see this circus move on to Tebowmania or the Jets keep standing by poor Sanchez performances, it's not actually going to just magically get better without adding a different spice to the recipe.

The Jets reportedly signed on free agent wide recever Jason Hill to take Holmes' open spot in the receiving corps. Sorry, but that's not going to cut it. Not even close, actually.

Bring Plaxico Burress back. Trade for Braylon Edwards. Sign Chad Johnson, or heck, listen to a meager sports writer like me, throw caution to the wind and give that soon-to-be 39-year old popcorn show inducing diva one last shot at going out on top.

Or, you know, just keep this whole "going down in a torrid flame" thing going.

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