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Commercialization and the music industry.

by Lartinos (writer), NYC, September 28, 2012

A match made in the boardroom.

Growing up it is impossible to not get caught up in the hype created by the media in the commercialized society that we live. By commercialized society I mean our community here in the United States is based on the promotion and advancement of commercial interests (making money). In our formative years we are in a phase of our life where we are trying to realize who we are and what we like. The media through television, music, movies, and other forms indoctrinates us with much of the cultural influences that we know for the most part. I use the word indoctrinate as opposed to teaching because I use the word teaching in a more positive sense, as opposed to indoctrinating which is learned but are not necessarily helping you. Very often it is used as a tool of brainwashing in a way that feeds on the emotions of it's audience to sell whatever ideas or products that are in the best interest of the company or political group.

Much of the culture we know of is commercial culture without even knowing it. The music that most people listen to was sold to them in a way without them ever realizing it. Because the media decides which artists you have the most access to they are in many ways creating your cultural values. You only know what you know, therefore everyone with a television knows who Justin Bieber and similar "stars" are. Justin Bieber is a kid with obvious talent, but his success is from more than just talent alone. We live in an age of manufactured "super stars" that are backed by big business. The focus is not on music as much as it is about selling things. This is evident with someone like Justin in that more people know his haircut than his music. The art form, music in this case, therefore takes a hit in a sense that true artists talent are not promoted in our society like it should be. Similar to an honest politician you never hear about because he is not backed by big business, people are only exposed to crooks like Obama and Romney and music such as Justin Bieber's. The point of this article is not to shit on the Biebs, I just see things as they are and have not caught the Bieber fever that sickens much of America for which there is apparently no vaccine or cure for. The few people that I have been contact with who have met him have nothing but nice things about the kid, they are probably correct too. I wish nothing but good things for him, he is just a good example of a commercial cultural phenomenon.

True artists are many times disgusted by commercial culture for good reason. Many artists possess far more talent than what is presented to the country and to entire world for that matter. Their contempt is shown through their art in counter culture movements such as House music. House music is about peace, love, and togetherness. But also it is about disdain for the commercialized culture that we live. It's a revolution of beats, thoughts, and vocals that transcend commercial values. The "suits" are slowly noticing the power of this culture and will definitely attempt to run into the ground through commercialization just like Hip-Hop has gone down the drain. It is hard to go by one day without seeing a lame commercial with someone rapping in some way to hock some kind of item. The art form has become more joke than substance and is nothing more than a cliche at this point. This makes sense as Hip-Hop is almost entirely produced (or was) within the United States. Electronic music on the other hand is produced on a global level making it harder for American culture to destroy it in the same way Hip-Hop has been.

The point of this article is to critique our commercial society, but I do not want you to get the wrong idea. Just because someone is a commercial success does not automatically mean that they are not talented and totally manufactured. It is just a fact of life that many "artists" in today's society are indeed lacking true talent such as Drake and his ever so annoying "Yolo" type phrases. I myself am the owner of a company which will would make some say that I am hypocrite. I need to pay the bills in some way and I believe that you can indeed be part of commercial society but instead act in a responsible manner with good values. I only work with and promote acts that I truly believe in and I like to think that I am indeed part of the counter culture that pokes holes in the ever so phony music industry.

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2 comments on Commercialization and the music industry.

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By melanie jean juneau on September 28, 2012 at 12:43 pm

Excellent critique. You articulate opinions that I agree with but could not express

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By Lartinos on September 28, 2012 at 04:18 pm

Thanks so much, that is best compliment I have ever gotten.

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