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The Castle - Once Upon a Time

by Hudson Roach (writer), , August 07, 2012

This is a study of energy. The journey of the male energy is from Page, to Prince, to King.

Once upon a time... Nah, I thought about how to start this post and as much as I like the concept of a fairy tale, the ending is not happy; so "Once of Upon a Time" just isn't working.

The core of this post is about age. There are benefits in being young, older and mature, but this post is to be about how those benefits are viewed by the attractive girl. When I am finished, you will understand why an older guy can have females flirt with him.

Now where was I, oh yes? Picture a castle.

This is a study of energy. The journey of the male energy is from Page, to Prince, to King.

It is a journey in maturity, one of "The Rites of Passage" and one that is soooo often rushed. The Page is such a hurry to grow up. The Prince is in such a hurry to become King and the King finally understands that there was never a rush to get there and in many ways the bright lights of youth are sadly missed.

The castle however is not sandstone and mortar; it is an prism of emotion. As a Home of Emotion and Maturity, the castle has many rooms, many balconies, several dungeons and many attics. Each offers a different energy; a different flavour, a different emotion.

As a Page you are not only allowed to explore every room – you are expected to. You are expected to visit the emotion of the Dungeon and that of the Attic. You are excited as you visit the Balconies and the Throne Room. You are allowed to throw a fishing rod off the moat and wait for a bit. You are part of the life of the castle. As a page you are expected to be an emotional body and there are NO limits on what emotions you experience.

When you mature to a Prince you notice a scale. You see that the castle has different levels of energy. Different players are always seen as different energies. The Joker is loved by everyone, the Queen has power, the Princesses have everyone’s attention and the Knights are always in focus. The King however, rises above all.

Here is the way the emotional castle operates: the Prince explores.

He visits the different emotions - he learns the feeling of what it is like in the Throne Room, the Tower.... the Balconies. At some point, however, he craves the power of the King and chooses a space where he can take on that energy, that deep rooted stillness, that ownership.

What is not seen by the Prince is that the King and his solid male energy IS solid because his throne is bolted to the part of the castle that he chooses to live in.

Once, as a Prince, the King discovered a balcony that reflected who he was. He bolted his throne to the floor and has become a power in that energy. This solid male energy that he develops becomes VERY attractive to the female. All the Princesses find this solid energy exciting.

For this reason most can understand why the Prince is in a hurry to become King. The energy there seems to have all the rewards.

As the power of the King radiates around the energy castle, the feminine is drawn, almost without choice. BUT: There is a downside.

The King cannot leave the emotional balcony that he chooses. They are connected to their throne. It is this deep rooted emotional strength that keeps her attention, yet if a Princess who is drawn to this King wants him to travel to new emotional plains, if she invites him to another emotional balcony or tower; he lacks the ability to move from where he is.

In his interpretation of life, the Prince, has seen how the other half live and feel, he has found strength and solitude in the choice he has made in the creation of his Kingdom.

Here lies the challenge: Far too many Princes rush into Kingdom. He finds a princess and under pressure from her, and in hunger for the power of the King, he chooses a balcony too soon. He has NOT travelled the course, nor has he experienced EVERY Balcony, EVERY Tower. So with far too little experience, he takes up residency in a Kingdom, one that feels right at the time.

This is OK for a Prince Charles who has been around the castle for a while but when you look at a Prince William, how could he know what Emotional Balcony suits him? He finds some power in his Emotional Kingdom but without a solid knowledge of what lies elsewhere, he spends a lot of time wondering if the Grass really is Greener on the other side.

All this being said, as Prince William (for lack of a better example) grows to his 40s and beyond; his curiosity about that Green Grass grows. The energy of his new Kingdom that he rushed into is weakened by his dis-comfort. His uncertainty defeats his emotional stability.

The true King has a complete ownership of his emotional space. He is not distracted by the Grass Green, Blue or any other colour. He is also wise around and about feminine energy. As the harem of beautiful women that flitter and flirt with him on his balcony, he instinctively knows that they - like the Prince's - are floating from energy to energy and their path is not one that is served by capture.

He knows that the you can't own Butterflies. By pinning them to the wall, you suck the life from them that you so desperately want to enjoy.

The more beautiful the girl; the more balconies and Kingdoms she is welcome to explore. The energy she offers and the energy she seeks becomes bright.

Sexually she has many offers and is able to explore whatever and whomever she likes the feel of. It is likely that she will give her sexual energy to a King but she will be reluctant to do so if she feels that he is keen to pin the butterfly to the wall.

This is the energy of The Castle. More to come on it's influence in future blogs.

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