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Bikini Model - So What?

by Hudson Roach (writer), , August 07, 2012

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Bikini model

Interacting with a 23 year old bikini model; even if you are introduced to her by friend, is always an interesting game.

Interacting with a 23 year old bikini model; even if you are introduced to her by friend, is always an interesting game. They live in a different world. For those of us that were absent when God handed out the looks, it is not always easy to understand how the beautiful think.

Rachelle was a girl who captured the heart of most who crossed her path. Yet many people would see little past her perfect body.

She was brought to dinner by a mate. They had been dating. When I say dating; I mean a few parties, a bit of sex and some late night "I'm bored and lonely" calls and texts from her. So when I sat down at the table, she looked pleased to have another male to entertain her, and this is the tone often found around the beautiful woman.

The reality is; since the age of 9 she has had men hover over her. She has had the gift of the pretty face that found men going out of their way to give her what she wants. When they weren't giving her the sexual attention; they were trying to.

The issue for Rachelle was that she loved life, she had plans and wanted to succeed and when an interaction with a male flirts close to her, it was not allowed to be a distraction. She edits each interaction with the filter over whether this connection gets in her way. In short she doesn't want to be owned.

As I looked at Rachelle, it became clear that she felt comfortable. She was in protective company. Her boyfriend (not that anyone could seriously consider him that) was filling the space next to her and she was - for all intensive purposes - off the market. This gave her the capacity to relax and enjoy a laugh. This was at least her head space when I sat down.

I, on the other hand, didn't see if that way.

I flirted and played with her. The attraction game was working for two reasons, firstly I made light fun of her boyfriend (with his good humour in tow) and secondly her Bitch Guard was down.

I wanted, like anyone else in sight of this beauty, to strip her naked; rub Golden Syrup into every pore of her body and spend 3 days licking it off. AND I did let her know that that was my intent. On that note, a note on the boyfriend, the typical AMOG (Alpha Males and Other Guys) will stay in tune with the social peer pressure at the table. If everyone is laughing out loud and enjoying themselves, he will join in and laugh. If he is laughing hard, it is hard to swing a punch.

I was staying with another guy at the table and TOLD (not asked) young Rachelle and boyfriend that we were heading back to the flat for drinks and she was due for some dance lessons on the kitchen floor. She agreed without looking at her boyfriend. This is always good.

For the following 4 hours she sat next to me on the lounge, at times holding my hand while her boyfriend sat on the other side of the lounge and agreed for me to give him lessons on how to seduce a pretty girl. In front of both of them I proceeded to play with her hair, touch her legs and play with her mind. They all looked on with smiles. We all had a LOT of fun.

This story is not going to end with me squeezing a Golden Syrup bottle nor is it really meant to brag about my skills the reason I tell the story is because of the mental exploration that happened in these four hours. The lubrication of her frontal lobes as I exercised her imagination, were much more important than trying to lubricate other areas of her body.

For brevity purposes I paraphrase the ideals that were discussed, the concepts that I planted in her mind that broke down all the walls.

Knowing that she has been called a princess so many times in her brief life; I told her a fairytale of a King that allowed her to understand male energy more completely than she had ever heard it put. The opening of a chapter in "Secret Men's Business" that made her feel all her feelings were justified. A story that made her want to connect physically as well as intimately.

As the night drew to an end, I created some pillars, some connection with me that she would want to engage with that had nothing to do with sex. Pillars that meant even if her boyfriends was objecting, she would want to play.

In another "Dating Tips" entry I will outline the fairy tale that I told. I will explain how I allowed her to listen to the most primal instincts in her loins as being both permitted and exciting. I remain conscious that I was older that she is when she was born. I am conscious that I am not in her dating profile. I am also conscious that none of that will matter next time we meet and the kino continues.

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