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Dear Prime Minister, Please help!!!!!!

Credit: Jennifer Stone
Where do you turn to when the police won't or don't do anything?

We some support to have a search started, this is part of the outline of the significant evidence. Who do you turn too if no one listens?

Dear Prime Minister
I have sent about 24 emails to the attorney general in the regard of infomation to how the drugs and the drug network exists in Australia. How the King of the cross is the alleged owner of the company *The Hells Angels Ltd that owns the drugs coming into Australia. The information is vast and in depth. However it is a system within the government that has allowed some of my evidence to go unnoticed. With shootings all around Sydney I feel strongly on this issue. I research the history of Kings Cross for the book series The Kings Cross Sting. I started to research the links to Cabramatta from Kings Cross, Madonna's Mob was a link to Cabramatta from the brothel. Reading the Phuong Ngo case I found that the officer in charge of the case allegedly made two significant mistakes which led the courts to do a miss carriage of justice. Phuong Ngo should be allowed to walk free or a retrail, however the person I believe through the evidence that pulled the trigger is dead by the internet research.
I have asked police to search a brothel in Kings Cross in relationship to information I have given on Juanita Nielsen, Donald Mackay, Beaumont Children and Howard Tyrell. How did I find out? Well the organised criminal gang just told me under the use of conversation hypnosis for some of the links and a huge amount of research. Allegedly this brothel is the hidden secret brothel of Abe Saffron's Pink Pussycat Club..... Allegedly this brothel World Famous Sparkling Chandeliers I believe you will find two bodies and a gun. Allegedly the gun killed many of the missing persons as told to me by many of the criminal organised mob that have terrorized me.

I was told by a member of the criminal organised gang, the mob that the gun is hidden within the brothel. For me to open the brothel was the most scarest thing I have ever done when you open the door you allow the alleged members of a organised criminal gang to terroriise me.

I would like it noted that the information handed to police has helped with catching and exposing the drug network. Please have the power to call a Royal Commission, and search the brothel World Famous Sparkling Chandeliers 36A Darlinghurst Road Kings Cross. Allegedly the police officer Nick Kaldas is the problem withiin the Police in Sydney and the links and powers to keep the protection up for the alleged mob organised criminal gang to remain in control of the drugs within Sydney and Australia.

By the court report of Phuong Ngo it allegedly has Nick Kaldas was also the police officer in charge of the Phuong Ngo case who was setup for the murder of John Newman to allow the drugs to flow free through cabramatta at the time of the Royal Commission 1994.

The treatment I have received through the police, in my mind is disgusting yet it is hard when allegedly senior police have the power to stop searches, to stop the protection from thugs that I have experienced. The search is important for the brothel, as without the search the business remains closed as they come in with umbrellas above their heads towards you in a group, or to flood the premises from above just to keep them closed. You do start to see the association and the area within the brothel that could hide a body or two. I have spoken with Task Force however if his boss is allegedly Nick Kaldas the brothel will not be searched.

Interpol in March said they thought the brothel should be searched for allegedly Juanita Nielsen due to the actions of others towards the closing of the brothel World Famous Sparkling Chandeliers.
My husband has had an agressive cancer Mantle Cell Lymphona Stage IV the brothel is costinng 13500 per month and I can't open it because PIO doesnt protect you from a bullet. What I know has cost other people bullets, that have known too much. I do believe I know to much. Why don't the police notice when threats have happened at a premises and then you don't open. My phones still ring at home, they still threaten me on facebook and watch to see the information and if I will expose them.

I have had cars move, just a block get towed away just to cause Child's play to a level I haven't seen before ever.
Please, have a look at the information contained wthin the emails, I am sure you will be shocked as I was experiencing this thugs of Kings Cross and how the shootings all around Sydney relate to the King of the Cross.

Please, when the police have corruption, or just don't think it's a major problem well where do you turn.

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