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Introducing Confluence-Let's Start With Brad and Angie

by neil6 (writer), Sydney, Australia, June 16, 2012

Credit: Neil Killion
The Logo and Cover for the new book 'The Life Cycles Revolution'.

The first unveiling of 'Confluence' outside of my book and blog. The lives of Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston are briefly explored to show how 'Confluence' works with them.

This is a world-first! I'm going to redefine how you can judge relationships. No longer their star signs, or shared interests and values, or compatible personalities or many other things. No it's all about a brand new term unveiled for you in the brand new 'Life Cycles' theory :-'Confluence'. Now this is not a brand new word and it usually refers to when two bodies of water (often rivers) join together to form one larger and stronger body of water. The new current will increase as the water volume increases. In the same way when 'Confluence' is used in 'Life Cycles' terms, it refers to two or more people whose lives are conjoined and who are sharing time in their 'significant years' together. This is most easily displayed in primary relationships. So, if you and your partner were born within twelve months of each other or a multiple of twelve or seven then you share some 'Confluence'. For example if you were born twelve years apart, then part of every 'significant year' (ie. 12/19/24/31/36 etc.) would see you sharing dramas and challenges. If I was born in say Jan.1980 and you were born in Jan.1987, then in every second 'significant year' we would be 'Confluent'. Don't worry I'll explain more of this later. It can potentially mean greater empathy and understanding of what each other is experiencing.

Let's start with one of the world's most high-profile couples:- Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Brad was born 18th.Dec.1963 and is 48 (in a 'Year of Revolution') right now. Angie was born 4th.Jun.1975 and is 36 and in her important mid-life 'Year of Revolution' as we speak. What is unfolding? Firstly Angie has had a big year already with her directorial debut with 'In The Land of Blood and Honey', along with being named a Special Envoy for the UN on refugees. She has just been made an Honorary citizen of Sarajevo. But together they have the biggest announcement of all:- they are engaged to be married. This was in spite of Brad's support of Gay marriage rights before his own wedding. It has also been noted that because of Angie he has gotten a lot more involved with hunanitarian work.

It should also be noted that Brad was 'Confluent' with Jennifer Aniston, but only for every second 'significant year'. The whole 'Mr.& Mrs. Smith' break up happened when Jen was 36, and now that she is 43 and in her next 'significant year', there has been an announcement of a marriage to be held in Greece. So it seems the more 'Confluence' the better in this case, although I should point out that you do not necessarily need it for a successful relationship, but it does add an extra element.

In coming articles I will be exploring more of the world's greatest couples and this unique phenomenon, so keep tuned. Until then:- "may the cycles always bring you good fortune".

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Since 2009 I have devoted myself to not only writing 2 books on 'Life Cycles', but also maintaining 2 blogs and writing numerous other articles. This is to display the sheer breadth of evidence I have amassed. I have more books and more research planned, after all it isn't every day, you are privileged enough to have discovered the "missing piece of the jigsaw puzzle of life".
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