Sunday, February 17, 2019

Texas to Have Highest Posted Speed Limit in Nation

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Texas New Speed Limit will be the Fastest in the USA

The route between Austin and San Antonio may soon have the second highest driving speed limit in the World.

A certain stretch of highway between San Antoio and Austin may soon have an 85 mph speed limit. State officials are deciding whether to increase the current speed limit to 85mph along a stretch of the new Highway 130. State Highway 130 will run between San Antonio and Austin with the aim of reducing traffic loads off of busy Interstate 35.

There is no surprise that critics say the speed increase will result in lost lives, however the state speed management director says the safest roads are known to be the roads where all drivers travel the same speed. Studies have also shown that most drivers are already at the 85mph speed.

"The Texas Legislature passed a law last year that allowed speed limits of up to 85 mph on newly constructed highways that were determined to be safe enough to allow such speeds," reports Reuters. "One Texas Highway may soon be the US Autobahan," according to Business Insider.

"The more people we can get to travel a uniform speed, the safer are the conditions that will exist," McDaniel said on Wednesday at the annual Texas Transportation Institute road safety conference in San Antonio."

If the change to the speed limit is implemented on this stretch of road, Texas will have highest posted speed limit in the USA. Everything really is bigger and better in Texas and soon it may be faster too.

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