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Drug user, how he beat the habit....

Credit: Jennifer Stone
Sitting in a gutter, wondering if this is the life.

Drug users how you can help them....and what they have to do themselves. Breaking a habit.

Having been living with the drug addicts you do see how they see life. Fun, well they think lying on a bed zonked out full of drugs is good. Well I don't call that fun, when you see them in the foetal position. For many drug users they spend their last money all on drugs.

How they con people out of money, walking up to them promising them to bring back drugs to just fix themselves up with the drugs... Then they never go back, free drugs they look at well they have just stolen money, bought an illegal drug and hiding whilst they take the drugs. Is this life.... A drug user thinks so.

I have seen the people, lying in the shop fronts after they have had the shot of heroin they wanted, someone they picked the pocket. Grabbed the credit card after the poor person went to the atm, noticing the keying of the numbers. Yes this is how a drug user works behind the scenes. One day off maybe the day the social security benefits come in.

Drug users, can't see themselves normally as nothing except a drug user. Community group therapy is just putting a rose on the artifical help. Well if you can't see yourself a sales person, a delivery person, even a garbage collector you have no goal. How can you become drug free if you set yourself no goal.

Group therapy focuses on why your drug dealer or user. Well life got too much didn't it. It was the raw image of yourself that you saw in the mirror. The person you had become that scared people away, or that you saw wasn't your own subconscious mind's image is when you have gone for help.

HELP, they call it, focusing on the past reasons why I was there. Sitting in a room with 30 other users going over why I was using drugs. All I wanted to do was go out and get on....what life was there.... This was the answer I have had from many of the drug users in Kings Cross.

It is a sad state of affairs when even the help, has issues. The Councillors had issues, divorced, life wasn't what they thought either as every one was focusing on the negativity within life. This negativity was rubbing off.

Where is the positive future, positive therapy, how you make yourself more positive. These are the tricks that help a drug addict, a junkie think about their own life. How to smash the drug abuse, is also to smash the drug rings.

Get behind the men on the ground fighting the war on drugs, like alcohol, nicotine, drugs were legal once along time ago. It is ashame that this happened to keep drugs illegal as the only winner I can see is the drug dealer....

Where is the positive, well if the government can find the Currency of the drugs, the hidden money all around the world then we will have stopped the war. Otherwise, we must fight on the ground.

Drug users, need support and mechanisms that are positive within their own life. Many of these drug users have children that they have left with grandparents, just walked out or have the children been taken for safety when the mother or the father are in the foetal position for days full on a drug cocktail.

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